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  1. Mozzza

    Real Or Fake Signed Queen Is Dead LP???

    Check this out and let me know what you guys think.... :confused:
  2. Mozzza

    Would like to buy any Morrissey/The Smiths vinyl records

    Just wondering if anyone has any Smiths/Morrissey Vinyl Records for sale/have any they would be willing to sell.... 7", 12", Singles, LP's....interested in them all :) Thanks.
  3. Mozzza

    Is The 'Years Of Refusal' Going To Be Tour Morrissey's Last Ever Tour??

    Wondering if anyone knew any of Morrissey's plans, if hes quitting, releasing anymore music, tourning anymore etc... Thanks for any info!
  4. Mozzza

    Morrissey music video....any help??

    I've got to make a music video for an atrist/band in media studies and Mozza and The Smiths being my fave i thought i should do them! I want to make a quality one though with them being my favourites and all....Just wondering if anyone had any ideas as to whay i could do for a smiths video/what...
  5. Mozzza

    Where does Morrissey live these days?

    I have a mate who lived only a couple of blocks away from Morrissey in LA but i was speaking with him the other day and he told me that he no longer lives there, just wondering if anyone knew where abouts he now lives seeing as my mate was wondering i thought here woul be the best place to ask...
  6. Mozzza

    Whats the best way to meet the great man himself?

    Just wondering whats the best way to go about meeting Morrissey and if anyone had any insights on how to and where the best places or ways to do so...Thanks for you help anyone who replies!
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