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  1. Neader

    Can't find any gladioli

    I can't find any near me to give to Morrissey at his concert tomorrow. Any ideas for a good replacement flower, preferably one in season?
  2. Neader

    If Moz gave you the mic

    What song would you ask him to play? According to a comment on the main page he did this last night. I think I'd ask for Please Please Please or Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself. This is with regards to his recent set lists, I'd ask for other songs but since he's already playing them it'd...
  3. Neader


    How awesome was that setlist?
  4. Neader

    "I swear to God I never knew, I never kew what drugs were."

    Okay I quoted the song wrong, I realized that about 5 seconds after I made this post so don't call me out on it. I was listening to The Queen is Dead about 30 seconds ago and this line struck me. I always thought it was Morrissey just being surprised about the state of society. However, the...
  5. Neader

    When to arrive

    How early do lines usually start to form at Morrissey shows? If I want to be front and center what time should I arrive?
  6. Neader


    So are there going to be any pre-sales for the NA tour? Do tickets sell out pretty quickly for Moz?
  7. Neader

    The Queen is Dead - If you would've done it

    Replace songs with singles and b-sides released during the era. You can not use songs that are on studio albums and you must keep the track listing at 10. 1. The Queen is Dead 2. Frankly, Mr. Shankly 3. I Know It's Over 4. Never Had No One 5. Cemetry Gates 6. Bigmouth Strikes Again 7...
  8. Neader


    They deserve their own thread. I didn't like their first album too much, a couple songs stuck out and that was it. Their new song Spanish Sahara is incredible and has gotten me really psyched for their next album coming out in May. Thoughts?
  9. Neader

    Hairdresser on Fire - a social satire?

    I've read many comments that Hairdresser on Fire is about Morrissey's relationship with his hairdresser. However, I believe that instead it is Morrissey looking at society and ashamed at how much people are concerned with their looks. Keep in mind lines such as, "Is it free of the home or what?"...
  10. Neader

    Questions that don't deserve their own, thread

    Just a thread for general questions that aren't important enough for their own threads. I saw in the Importance of Being Morrissey documentary his dog, does anyone have any more information on Moz's pet?
  11. Neader

    The Smiths Survival Game (The Smiths)

    How to play a survival game: Everything starts off with 10. In this case they will be songs on The Smiths. With every post you can take away a point from a song and then add a point to another song. You MUST copy and paste all the songs and their data after you changed it and show where the...
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