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    The Independent lists Morrissey Desert Island Discs interview as one of her Top 10

    The Independent has a story on its website about presenter Kirsty Young stepping down, for medical reasons, from her role of interviewer for the BBC Radio 4 programme 'Desert Isand Discs'. It lists - presumably in their view - her Top 10 interviews,on DID. It says "The Smiths frontman is...
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    Mozzer mentioned again on BBC Radio 4's The Archers

    In today's lunchtime episode (originally broadcast Wednesday 25th July) Chris Carter discusses his best man's speech that he's prepared for the marriage of Fallon Rogers to police constable Harrison Burns. When told by his wife Alice that the speech is a bit dull he says he knows little of...
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    Morrissey's Cat - Morrissey Central

    Simply to say that there's a photo of "Morrissey's cat" at Morrissey Central as Tweeted by Sam Etsy Rayner. Well that makes everything all right again. I like the cat but......
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    Freak Party at PolyFest

    I see that Freak Party are listed on the bill for PolyFest - a celebration of Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex at the Dublin Castle in London on 21st October. Does this mean that Johnny and Andy and Si are playing together again?
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    Firehouse Studios (Last Smiths recording session)

    I was reading a March 1990 'The Face' interview of Morrissey by Nick Kent and was surprised to see Streatham (London) mentioned as being where the last Smiths recording was made. Seems the recording was at The Smiths' sound man Grant Showbiz's "Firehouse" studio. I see also that solo user "Mr...
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    Comedian Mark Steel parodies Morrissey

    Last Wednesday BBC Radio 4 broadcast "Mark Steel's in town" featuring the town of Stockport. At the end he again mentions Morrissey recording at Strawberry Studios, (with The Smiths), and continues to sing lyrics that he alleges Morrissey wrote but haven't yet been put to music. I think the...
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    "The Smiths" name thought in Tom Hingley biog "Carpet Burns"

    Am not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere. I did a search and couldn't find it. In Tom Hingley's autobiography "Carpet Burns: Life with the Inspiral Carpets" (Amazon link) he mentions using a rehearsal space "Out of the Blue" in Blossom Street, Ancoats. He mentions that the word was that...
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    "It Must Be Him" song

    On January 24 2001 "Rick & Bruce" posted the following message, a request for Morrissey to cover "It Must be Him". I see this song gets a special mention in List of the Lost: 'It must be him' (as sung by Vikki Carr) The song is spectacular! - perhaps just as a b-side...
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    Steve Coogan mentions Morrissey and The Smiths in his biography

    A-ha! Steve Coogan (actor and comedian/ impressionist and voice artist), in his new biography "Easily Distracted", mentions being at a Smiths gig at the Manchester Free Trade Hall at the invitation of the support band the Red Guitars. I believe this must have been in 1984. He mentions being a...
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    Morrissey and Frasier

    I vaguely recall reading some old interview online in which Morrissey was asked what TV shows he enjoys. I seem to recall that he enjoyed certain American Sitcoms. I found that a bit of a surprise. I believe he then said that it would be 'unfair' to name them. (can anyone bring to mind the...
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    Wolfe Tone (Smith) Irish revolutionary figure

    I understand that Morrissey has said that the band name "The Smiths" was chosen "because it was the most ordinary name". Apparently it is or at least was the most numerous surname in the UK, so his explanation makes sense. Yesterday I was reading Robert Lindsay's autobiography and was musing...
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    "The World Won't Listen" artwork

    I'm really quite confused for Morrissey's appreciation of the cover of "The World Won't Listen". Of course I understand that he would be aggrieved when the artwork was changed for the CD version which used just the central head-shot of the original : "The side view of a blow-fish face looks...
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    The British Flag pub, Battersea

    Having gleaned a little more detail from Autobiography, and wondering why allegedly Morrissey, Chrissie Hynde and Jake Walters went to the British Flag pub, I see that this pub was used as a location in the film Saturday Night and Sunday morning starring Albert Finney, which Moz has long...
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    Ian Walters sculptor

    I re-read some of Autobiography recently and noticed that Morrissey mentioned that Jake's father was a famous sculptor. That had previously passed me by. This is perhaps a little tenuous to appear in a 'Morrissey' thread, but I was surprised to discover that Jake's father, Ian Walters, was the...
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    Flat Tyre - Why Morrissey canceled the "Kiss Me a Lot" appearance according to Alan Carr

    Morrissey 'stuck in Belfast' after gig - UTV Excerpt: 'According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, Carr explained Morrissey's cancellation to the audience, saying: "Can I just say I am so sorry ... I went to see him in Belfast last night. He was going to come over but his tour bus got a flat tyre...
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    Is the Dave Hill/ Birmingham Morrissey poster real?

    Is the poster I've seen on Twitter featuring Slade's Dave Hill a real thing? it makes me smile
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    Morrissey on a double decker bus

    Apparently there's a big pink (magenta?) bus running around Belfast with an advert for Morrissey's gig on 24th March.: Link BTW, heHe really seems to have a liking for vintage buses doesn't he? That's the form of transport he took to Wolverhampton for his first (was it really his first?) solo...
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    Julie Burchill article from 1994

    Does anyone have the Morrissey/ Julie Burchill interview from 1994? I have Googled a bit and and can't find it. There's a reference to it in an article by Andrew Harrison of Select (1994): "It's a bad day at Hook End. The reason, as ever: the press. Morrissey's personal assistant-cum-chief of...
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    Contemplating that only one concert has been announced in the UK I wondered whether this is because Morrissey is counting the days he spends in the UK and makes sure it's fewer than 183 for tax purposes? Reading up on the Revenue's website I see that residency is not determined solely by the...
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    Johnny Marr as Burt Ward as Robin

    Sooooo, Morrissey describes Johnny Marr in Autobiography as being like Burt Ward: "But Johnny finds the right words: 'We're gonna get him' and he bangs a fist into an open palm like Burt Ward as Robin the Boy Wonder" And now Morrissey puts Burt Ward (or is it Johnny?) on the kick drum...
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