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    Millenium Park in Chicago

    My boyfriend and I are going on holiday in Chicago in a couple of weeks - and of course we only just started planning the trip. I couldn't believe my luck when I discovered that Iron and Wine is playing a free gig in Millenium Park the week when we are there. So now my question is, does...
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    A History of Embarrassment

    Someone I know has just started a blog. It's called A History of Embarrassment and it is very funny. I thought it might appeal to the readers of this forum. My favorite entry is the letter to Heinz.
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    Your favourite non-Morrissey lyrics

    I am sure most people here thinks Morrissey is the best lyricist there is, but there must be others you like. Please share them here and maybe we can all discover something new. My first contribution is this brilliant song by Nick Cave from the album No More Shall We Part. Every single song...
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    Lucky Lips

    Believe it or not, I was a Cliff Richard fan as a child. I was hopelessly uncool (I am 27). Today, at a closing sale in a local vinyl shop, I found the old 7" single, "Lucky Lips". The b-side is "I Wonder" - pure beauty! "Well, I Wonder" ...if this was a favourite of Morrisseys too?
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    Moz portraits

    Passed a couple of hours doing these last night. You like? The second one is probably my favorite photo of Morrissey ever. It's so poetic. I think it's a Linder.
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    Beethoven was deaf

    How much do you love it? I've had it for about 8 years and just re-discovered it. I'm so in love again! :o
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    Bazookahosen - check them out

    A local Copenhagen band that I really like. They deserve attention! Check them out. They are friends of and occasionally warm up for of another local favorite of mine:
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    Your last non-moz-concert?

    Share stories, pictures etc. here. Last night I saw Gogol Bordello...the gypsy punks from New York. Had been looking forward since I saw them at Roskilde, and they didn't let me down. It was punk, sweat and gypsy craziness all the way. And I just love those washboard-girls and their silly...
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    Check this band out

    We have our own local Keane here in Denmark. Dont' actually know who was first though, but they're called Saybia, and in my opinion much better. If you like that kind of music, you might like them, or atleast find them amusing/enjoyable.
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    Religion in moz lyrics

    Has there been a thread discussing the religious content in Morrisseys lyrics? Tried the search function with no luck. If not, I'd like to start one here. I think songs like "I have forgiven...", "Dear God..." and "At last..." are very interesting. What is it with him and Jesus? I can't...
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    Request: Wolverhampton

    Is there any footage of the Wolverhampton ´88 gig out there other than Sister I'm a Poet? Or maybe pictures?
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    Robert Mackie?

    After reading Moz's letters to his penpal, Robert Mackie, I am really curious to know who this person is and especially what he wrote back to Moz. Does any one have, or know someone who have, or know how to get any information about this person? For instance...I'm dying to know what he replied...
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    Morrissey at Roskilde

    Hello everybody. I am new to this forum, so forgive me if I make mistakes. I just thought I'd share my pictures from the Roskilde Festival where Morrissey performed on the orange stage last Friday. I managed to get to the front and it was a pretty amazing being that close to him. i was...
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