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    Hatful Gatefold Photo

    Anyone know a place where the Hatful gatefold photo from glastonbury has been printed in whole without a fold or crease down the center? Like in a poster form, or something smaller suitable for framing. It's in the Slattery book but again it's printed between two pages.
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    Piano-playing Smiths fan needed

    I'm trying to work out an accurate transcription of the piano parts in Meat Is Murder. I have a lot of it worked out already but I need someone who plays piano well to help proofread it/finish it off. Any takers?:crazy::guitar:
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    Johnny Marr featured in new Roland magazine for iPad Can someone with an iPad download this(free) and give us the skinny?
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    Andy Rourke gear section added to Smiths On Guitar

    I finally finished my entry covering Andy's amps and basses used with the Smiths.:guitar: Check it out here:
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    Smiths Complete Chord Songbook

    Does anyone have these scans from a few years back? Old links are dead mostly, and I'm missing the N-S ones.
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    Johnny to be featured on BBC documentary "When Rock Goes Acoustic" (BBC4, Sep. 2)

    It's called 'When Rock Goes Acoustic' and will air on BBC4 this friday. He's going to play 'Unhappy Birthday'. I hope someone can record it and upload the portion with Johnny in it!
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    Johnny to be featured on BBC acoustic documentary

    It's called ‘When Rock Goes Acoustic’ and will air on BBC4 this friday. He's going to play 'Unhappy Birthday'. I hope someone can record it and upload the portion with Johnny in it!
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    Meat Is Murder Tour Program

    Hi, can someone who has this program do me a favor? I would like a high res version of the photo of Johnny, standing with his Les Paul. I'd be happy to pay you something for your trouble. I know it's been posted before as a pdf but the links are dead, and I would really like this one photo...
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    Smiths live photos

    I have put up my collection of Smiths live photos here. I got started with some sorted/organized show photos from DavidA(thanks!), and I augmented them by going through all the photos I have downloaded through the years and organizing them into their correct folders, sorted by date. I'm...
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    The Queen Is Dead: An Album Under Review

    Anyone have a copy of this they can upload? It's not a case of not wanting to buy the DVD, I just need to crop a few scenes out of it for another use.
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    Johnny Marr's guitar that sold on ebay a whiile back

    I read on another forum that one of Johnny's guitars was sold on ebay a year or two ago. It was a Gretsch hollowbody, a green one. This is it: I missed the auction, I'm just wondering if anyone here knows the current owner, or saved the photos from the auction. I know it's a long shot...
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    Cool new Smiths site I haven't seen this one mentioned here... it has a lot of the original scanned aritcles that are in the Smiths File Online. It's got some great articles and cool photos.
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    Simon Goddard contact info?

    He had a physical mailing address on his blog until recently, but now it's taken down. Did anyone copy it down while it was up? I did, but I misplaced where I wrote it. Or if someone had his email, or could pass mine to him, I'd appreciate it. Need to ask him something.:)
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    New interview on Smiths On Guitar

    I just posted an interview(my first!) I did earlier this year with Jules Standen, who was working at Matrix Studios when the Smiths recorded there. He discusses a lot of the recording process in-depth. Check it out here.:guitar:
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    Looking for Phil Powell

    He was the Smiths guitar tech... does anyone have any contact information for him? Is he still in Manchester? Here he is, to Johnny's right:
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    Looking for amateur live shots of Smiths shows

    I'm doing some research for my blog and I'm looking for live shots of the Smiths, Johnny specifically, from any era. Looking for shots where you can see his amps/rack/pedal setup, as well as any cool guitar shots. I have already been to all the usual (awesome) places, that's why I'm looking...
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    Singles box on sale on Amazon UK

    Just noticed that the singles box is only 13 pounds on amazon UK. Pretty cheap price, this is like a 75% discount off the US price. Unfortunately I can't order one...
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    Johnny Marr cover feature in Total Guitar

    Anyone have this issue and would be willing to scan it? I haven't seen it in bookstores here and I'd love to see what it says.
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    Johnny playing TCM on BBC

    Can someone in the UK rip the source mp4 or flv of this movie? The version on youtube leaves a little to be desired. There's a pause button hardcoded into the video. If anyone could do it, it would be great! I'd like to save this for posterity while its available. It's at...
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    Smiths Singles tab book scanned

    For those of you who like this sort of thing... enjoy: I had to destroy:tears: my copy of this book, in order to get suitable scans.:crazy: So I hope people will get some enjoyment from this! Some of its transcriptions are better than others, but...
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