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  1. Poppycocteau.

    Leeds autograph

    Yeah, maybe. I'm not sure.
  2. Poppycocteau.

    Leeds autograph

    I'm in Leeds for tonight. I'm hoping to find the hotel he's in, wait outside, and get my arm signed. Any tips or ideas?
  3. Poppycocteau.

    Uncut / The Smiths - Ultimate Music Guide (April 2019) includes "California Son" review

    This album should have consisted of: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper Maria - Debbie Harry Science of Silence - Richard Ashcroft Mary's Prayer - Danny Wilson Blue In The Face - Alkaline Trio People Ain't No Good - Nick Cave Intervention - Arcade Fire Because The Night - Patti...
  4. Poppycocteau.

    Morrissey's sage words in new PJW video

    Morrissey appears twice in this new Paul Joseph Watson video, which addresses the subject of whether or not our culture has reached a dead end. The conclusion is that it has, naturally. 'There is no poetry in modern life', Morrissey says, in an excerpt from a Larry King interview. He's not wrong.
  5. Poppycocteau.

    Jim Moir (Vic Reeves) paints The Smiths

    Morrissey and Marr are very good, but Bruce and Rick just look like anyone else.
  6. Poppycocteau.

    Linder correspondence from 032c article (2006)

    Ooh, sick burn . . . . :straightface:
  7. Poppycocteau.

    Linder correspondence from 032c article (2006)

    A prime example of the headache-inducing tripe she is responsible for.
  8. Poppycocteau.

    Linder correspondence from 032c article (2006)

    How she made a living with this rubbish I'll never know. She can't sing AT ALL. And her lyrics are just . . . lame.
  9. Poppycocteau.

    Morrissey announces new album, 'California Son', for March 2019 - Folha

    I really, really hope 'Because The Night', 'Mary's Prayer' and 'Heaven Is A Place On Earth' are on it.
  10. Poppycocteau.

    Sylvain Sylvain talks about Morrissey during gig

    Why doesn't he just call himself 'Sylvain'? Far easier.
  11. Poppycocteau.

    Comment by 'Poppycocteau.' in 'Especially At Night'

    Hello, Tibby. Do you remember me? I used to post a lot on here like twelve years ago. I still think of you and searched for your profile. I'm really glad you're still here. My life is somewhat of a shipwreck too. I was diagnosed with Autism, suffered a lot of family problems and eventually...
  12. Poppycocteau.

    Johnny Marr slams "Classically Smiths" in Mojo interview

    How much money would it really have made anyway? I certainly wouldn't be interested in going to see them. They can't sing, write lyrics or write music in the way that Morrissey and Marr could, so where's the attraction? DULL.
  13. Poppycocteau.

    Letter to John Ob - 1983

    I imagine he put them in the bin.
  14. Poppycocteau.

    Sign my name on your arm . . .

    Gig was amazing, though I didn't manage to find him (and not for want of trying). Next time, Morrissey . . .
  15. Poppycocteau.

    SER - looking for fans at Leeds gig

    If his filming is anything like his photoshopping I'd stay out his road.
  16. Poppycocteau.

    SER - looking for fans at Leeds gig

    What is it he's asking for? To take pictures of fans? Or is he offering to take notes and cards &c. to Morrissey ?
  17. Poppycocteau.

    'Everyday Is Like Sunday' lyrics change

    Does anyone know what Morrissey keeps singing in the chorus of EDILS? It sounds like 'Everyday is like Sunday/Crackle, crackle, crackle'. I'm sure it's not that but I can't make it out.
  18. Poppycocteau.

    Sign my name on your arm . . .

    Here you go -
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