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  1. Your Arsenal

    Request for Interlude ~ Siouxie

    I know, I'm silly, but I have the vocal only, and would really like the Siouxie/Moz version....Im making someone a mix CD :D Anyone, please? :)
  2. Your Arsenal

    Photographic proof of purchase YOR

    :thumb: I'm bored, but anyone that's feeling silly, post a pic of you with YOR, Actually, I just want to see if someone that i saw buying it today is on here :lbf: he was cute, but i doubt he's gay anyway, ya never know!
  3. Your Arsenal

    Rolling Stone Review of YOR

    Not sure if this has been posted yet (I did a search, and didn't find anything, Kewpie, feel free to chop my head off ;-)). Anyway, they gave it a 3 1/2 Not bad eh? Highlights: "His ninth studio album stares down existential dread with with muscular glam-rock riffs, cheesy synths...
  4. Your Arsenal

    Coachella Poll

    So taken as I've never been to Coachella, I have mixed feelings about it. People either love it, or hate it. So, to help me make up my mind about it, or simply, to make me feel better about going out to the trecherous desert, lets poll! Who am I kidding, I'd travel to hell and back to...
  5. Your Arsenal

    Stigma against hispanic Morrissey Fans

    So, I'm only bringing this up, because I had a really "frank and vulgar" argument about this with a so called Smiths fan today. Although the guy is a complete douche, ignorant racist bastard, it actually really bothered me. I guess I'm more surprised at how much it bothered me, because it...
  6. Your Arsenal

    South Paw

    My CD got scratched, can someone upload it? :o Just the title song. Thanks ;-)
  7. Your Arsenal

    A Girl I used to know

    This might have been settled a long time ago, but I never really checked :p Anyway, did Morrissey or any of MOZ band members at the time confirm if this was a morrissey song/release or a hoax? I listened to the song again today and I thought about the root of the song. Anyone?
  8. Your Arsenal

    Why cant I open RAR files?

    I don't get what they are. Anyone have the greatest hits live tracks on mp3 or zip format? :)
  9. Your Arsenal

    A req. for Christian Dior

    I don't think the track is officially released? But it should have been, and i had it , but my computer crashed. anyone else have it on mp3 formatt? :p I love this song :) also, if anyone has a live version of the boy with the thorn in his side :D
  10. Your Arsenal

    Mr. Houdini :P what happened to the polls?

    :-x I feel a lil dumb asking lol, maybe I missed the tally? Who won? *scratches head*
  11. Your Arsenal

    Record Sale Numbers

    Anyone know of a good source which gives us the number of record sales per Morrissey/ Smiths album? I haven't been able to find a good one.
  12. Your Arsenal

    Thank You Morrissey for a wonderful MOZ year

    :cool: Even though this was by far the worst year of my life, I won't vent, :p It was definately the best MOZ year of my life, with all the concerts that I went to, I really went out of my way to spend time to see him, and enjoy him. Thanks for all the wonderful visits to California, and the...
  13. Your Arsenal

    This Tour

    So the recent tour is amazing. But what's the name of it? :-x It really feels like a mix between 'The World of Morrissey' 'Louder than Bombs' and 'Strange Ways' Jack the Ripper The Loop Billy Budd The Last of the Famous International Playboys Whatever Happens I love you Last Night...
  14. Your Arsenal

    New found Crush on Solomon Walker

    Move over Gary Day, Solomon is the new hottie in Morrissey. This sounds really silly, but I feel like getting on stage and charging Solomon, more than Morrissey :p He's so dreamy. its gotten to the point where the past few MOZ shows here in LA I've gone to, I find myself just drooling and...
  15. Your Arsenal

    My last attempt. Any 10 tix holders wanna sell tomorrow's tix?

    Hit me up if u have a tix for tuesday the 9th at the Hollywood Palladium [email protected] I wont drive a million miles to get it, so if youre in hollywood, LA area, hit me up. Ill even pay a lil extra for it.
  16. Your Arsenal

    and I wonder does anybody feel the way I do?

    So Morrissey, the past few nights has been amazing. Beautiful set lists. Good performances. But, I find myself being SUPER stressed out the whole time. Being in line, waiting in line, and worrying about how close Im going to get to the stage. Also, finding a friggen front of the line...
  17. Your Arsenal

    Any 10-day ticket holders wanna sell a ticket?

    I wanna buy Oct. 5th from someone. let me know. i'd be interested [email protected] or any other shows? I may be able to buy
  18. Your Arsenal

    MOZ @ Palladium Oct. 1st Roll Call

    Who's going? :) And how early is everyone getting there? Any predictions on the lines, wait? Anyway, uh, I feel lame, but I'm actually going alone so far. and I want to get there early, any chance any one would wanna buddy up to take turns waiting in line? [email protected] or...
  19. Your Arsenal

    Any 10-day ticket holders for Palladium Need to Sell single tickets?

    please email me at [email protected] I'm very interested, and I have the $$. :) thanks J
  20. Your Arsenal

    Anyword on a Presale Password for Palladium tickets ?

    Anyone have any new info? Any idea of the password? Still suedehead? :) let us know. Also, if anyone has any individual tickets from the 10 deal package to sell, let me know. I'm interested :)
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