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  1. VacancyForABackscrubber

    Where are we going?

    We're all going mad apparently.
  2. VacancyForABackscrubber

    What will you be doing on Christmas Day?

    Unless you are jewish, its Christmaaaaas in a few days. I will be with my family in France, and we will eat food, share gifts, and so on. What will you be doing? Where? Who will you spend it with?
  3. VacancyForABackscrubber

    Is it true that

    Morrissey's dad used to turn up to Smith's concerts inebriated and invade the stage and stuff?
  4. VacancyForABackscrubber

    Morrissey's attitude to women?

    Hey, forgive me for asking this but does Moz actually identify as a feminist or not? I have read several passing references that suggest that he used to read feminist books, but has he ever said anything regarding his position? Also are any of his song lyrics disrespectful to women (cause...
  5. VacancyForABackscrubber

    Smiths reference on '500 Days Of Summer' 02/09/09 UK

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  6. VacancyForABackscrubber

    If you and Morrissey were on a boat....

    ....that was sinking, and there was only one life jacket left, what would you do? Poll above
  7. VacancyForABackscrubber

    I feel really depressed

    I am a 16 year old Moz fan. I could only afford 1 ticket (Brixton 29th) I feel that I could have lost my one and only chance to see him in my life (can't travel to other countries obviously) I dont know about getting a refund either I dont think I can Its bad enough having to cope with exam...
  8. VacancyForABackscrubber

    Johnny Marr's Finest Moment?

    In my humble opinion it could be this At about 5:00 onwards there is a totally new riff, that looks like he just made up on the spot......cos he is a genius. What do you think
  9. VacancyForABackscrubber

    So how do you get Moz's shirt?

    :D Has anyone actually been sucessful in getting a piece of shirt? Please tell the story. Also could you say in which direction it is most likely to be thrown and how far into the crowd? What part of the shirt is the best part to keep?What do you do if it actually lands on top of you-do you get...
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