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  1. Poppycocteau.

    Leeds autograph

    I'm in Leeds for tonight. I'm hoping to find the hotel he's in, wait outside, and get my arm signed. Any tips or ideas?
  2. Poppycocteau.

    Morrissey's sage words in new PJW video

    Morrissey appears twice in this new Paul Joseph Watson video, which addresses the subject of whether or not our culture has reached a dead end. The conclusion is that it has, naturally. 'There is no poetry in modern life', Morrissey says, in an excerpt from a Larry King interview. He's not wrong.
  3. Poppycocteau.

    'Everyday Is Like Sunday' lyrics change

    Does anyone know what Morrissey keeps singing in the chorus of EDILS? It sounds like 'Everyday is like Sunday/Crackle, crackle, crackle'. I'm sure it's not that but I can't make it out.
  4. Poppycocteau.

    Sign my name on your arm . . .

    Hello. I was at the Glasgow gig and I had a wonderful time (I always do). Today on Instagram I saw that someone waited outside Morrissey's hotel in the morning and got his arm signed! I have had *actual dreams* about Morrissey doing this for me, but have had no luck so far. It is an absolute...
  5. Poppycocteau.

    Can anyone remember . . .

    . . . a photographic comic-strip from about 2005-2006 in which a young man dressed to look like Morrissey c.1984 flits about being poncey? There is also a girl involved, and turnips are mentioned at one point. I can't remember the actual plot, such as it was, but I do remember it being...
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