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    Why do we allow anonymous posts like this?

    *Facepalm* It wasn't humorous, let alone actually funny, the first time you said it (years and years and years ago) and it certainly hasn't become funny with repetition. You're no Stewart Lee. It's actually almost more tedious than the endless posts you make about Radio 2 airplay and your...
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    U2 new album enters UK chart at #5, then drops out of the top 20

    Is it all over for Bono and the boys? They haven't sold as many records as the new Liam Gallagher album - guess that means they are no longer icons?
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    Absolute Radio - still playing 'Spent...' two to three times a day

    It's an odd one. Radio 2 and 6 Music probably felt some kind of obligation to a-list Spent the Day in Bed. Radio 2 because they were given the world exclusive, and 6 Music because they had the live concert. But Absolute Radio a) was under no obligation and b) is a commercial station. Radios 2...
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    Poll: Who wrote the best music on Low in High School?

    Four different songwriters - I think that's a first on a Morrissey studio album. Putting the singing and the lyrics to one side, who came up with the best pieces of music?
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    Amusing/witty/original reviews of LIHS songs

    Top marks for this YouTube comment about 'The Girl from Tel Aviv': "I love a jaunty, piano tune from Mozz, it's so unfamiliar but seeing a teacher outside of school or a dog walk on its hind legs." Brilliant!
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    Mando Lopez - best surprise new addition to the songwriting team since Spencer Cobrin wrote Lost?

    I've pretty much lost track of who's who in the Morrissey band since the Years of Refusal era. Boz and Jesse have obviously stayed in it, and I know there were some brothers, one of whom left. Not even sure I'd heard of Mando Lopez before this new album came out but I'm guessing he's been the...
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    LIHS Daily Mail (3/5) "The singer has a pop at everyone - but cheers us up with a kazoo" performers. "As the famously gloomy singer of The Smiths, Morrissey was a pivotal figure in the Eighties. The Manchester band soared above their peers, and their music, as last month’s...
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    LIHS Rolling Stone review (3.5/5) 'Alt-Rock's Greatest Stand-Up, Still Has It on Album Number 11' "Quiz: Morrissey's endless, withering disdain for cultural hypocrisy might get wearisome if not for A) his equally-relentless tenderness, B) his Wildean wit, C) the truth of his observations. Yes, it's D)...
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    The List - 'Unexpectedly satisfying' by David Pollock (3/5)

    Apols if already posted. This is an interesting one. Reads a little more like a 4 than a 3. "Well now, here's a difficult one. In times of easy, internet-assuaged polarisation of debate, the story of Morrissey appears to be a simple...
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    POLL Predict first week sales for ‘Low in High School’

    First week sales aren’t the be all and end all, but they’re usually a pretty good indication of an album’s eventual commercial success especially for Steve. This is because subsequent singles rarely pick up the amount of airplay needed to send an album back up the charts (Every Day is Like...
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    "Low In High School" review by Kevin Harley (3 stars) in Record Collector, The Sun (3 stars)

    Another similar sounding review with praise (generally) for the music and concern about the lyrics (‘the controversy-baiting broadsides grate’). Open your Legs is described as soaring pop, Spent the Day is much better as an album song and ‘mercifully removed from matters political’, ‘Home’ is...
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    Taylor Swift - new album Friday 10/11/17

    There is surprise around these parts that the Morrissey album has yet to leak. T Swift's new one comes out this Friday and even the track-listing (other than the singles) remains a mystery. Anyone like her stuff at all? Not normally my cuppa tea but I thought 1989 was brilliant. Ryan Adams...
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    "Low In High School" review by Wyndham Wallace (4/5 stars) in Classic Pop Mag, Long Live Vinyl

    This news seems to have got lost/buried in another thread but it's pretty significant. It's the 4th proper published review of the album, and it's been given 4 stars. We now have a 2 star (edit, actually 5/10 so would be 2.5 stars), 3 star and two 4 star reviews. This means that the first 2 star...
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    Morrissey and the Kill Uncle/rockabilly era

    Looks like this could do with its own thread. Some thoughts - Morrissey was strongly associated with the musical genre of rockabilly in the Kill Uncle era. People kept banging on about it as if his songs back then were exclusively rockabilly when the reality was hardly any were. I remember a...
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    POLL - What do you think of 'My love, I'd do anything for you'

    This came out too late for the poll of all the other 6 songs played to date so here's a separate one. With no more pre-album live appearances scheduled (?) I'm guessing this is the last new song we'll get to hear properly before November 17th.
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    "Spent The Day In Bed" - enters UK top 40 (airplay)

    UPDATE 13TH OCTOBER - the song is now in the Airplay Top 30 (at #29) 'Spent the Day in Bed' has climbed 279 places up the UK airplay chart to 34 over the last week (Oct 5th to 11th). His first UK top 40 since 'I'm throwing my arms around Paris'. This rapid ascent is due to the Radio 2 A-list to...
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    'My love, I'd do anything for you' - first impressions?

    Missed the show but this new song appears to have been aired for the first time. Any thoughts/info on the words/music? Seems to have been pretty well received from the few comments I've read...
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    POLL - Which of the new songs do you like the most?

    We've now heard exactly half the album (live versions, at least) but which song is the stand-out?
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    The album campaign - is it 3 weeks too early?

    The new album 'campaign' seems to be going pretty well (in the UK at least). The single has had considerable critical acclaim, and it's attracting more airplay than any Morrissey song since First of the Gang. A batch of new songs has been showcased on national radio (6 Music) and TV, and they've...
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    Poll - What do you think of 'All the young people must fall in love'?

    After the single, this seems to be the song that people have listened to the most. So, I propose another little poll. Be interesting to see how the results compare with 'Spent the Day'.
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