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  1. J

    Palladium 2 Upper Circle Tickets For Sale

    PM if you're interested please. I mean, UPPER CIRCLE. Sorry!
  2. J

    Kevin Cummins lecture at Leeds College of Art 27 Jan

    Last minute, I know but I've only just found out myself, they haven't told the students because there's free food. If you fancy going, here's the e-mail ... 'Kevin Cummins Joy Division, The Smiths and Beyond As NME's chief photographer for much of the '80s and '90s, Kevin Cummins became...
  3. J

    Revision and exams

    To those who unfortunately have their summer exams soon, come and vent any frustration and worries about them. My first (AS) exam is a week on Tuesday.
  4. J

    Wanted: Standing for 23/05/09 Manchester

    It's a ridiculous question I know but does anyone happen to have 1 ticket spare? :)
  5. J

    Spotlight: Morrissey, 25 Years On by Len Brown
  6. J

    YOR deluxe edition DVD I haven't heard anything about this before or is this a really obvious enquiry and I've missed something. :o:p
  7. J

    Female Stereotypes...

    Say what comes to mind when you think of females. Off the top of your head, similar to the word association game. Be as complimentary or offensive as you like, I won't judge you. :) Does that make sense? :o This is for my art project, I'm not just looking for an arguement or...
  8. J

    Morrissey on Radio 2 (Wednesday Evening)

    Attention! There's something coming up in a couple of minutes, I didn't catch what exactly :o You can merge it into the other one later I just thought people wouldn't want to miss it. :)
  9. J

    The Unofficial International Hug a Vegetarian Day Thread

    I know you've all been waiting for it!
  10. J

    Johnny Marr on Radio 2 on Sunday 28th Sep

    (two lots) on Johnny Marr ... neither of which are particularly interesting. Johnny's included in this list of 25 best British electric guitar players ... "12) Johnny Marr (The Smiths)...
  11. J

    Celebrity chefs to get RSPCA awards

    Absolutely disgusting. So what if they're campaigning for kinder way's of slaughtering animals, any form of killing animals is completely wrong. It's ridiculous.
  12. J

    Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness - Sandie Shaw Version

    I've been looking for it for ages but I've had no luck in finding it. If they have it, Would anyone be kind enough to post an MP3? Thank you x
  13. J


    it's now my birthday :D
  14. J

    Req:My Life is a succession of people saying goodbye

    hello .... is anyone willing to upload a mp3 'my life is a succession of people saying goodbye'? if so, thank you very much x
  15. J

    Picture Request

    Does anybody have a larger version of either of these two ... or a similar one? I can't find them anywhere Many Thanks xxx
  16. J

    Morrissey to sue 'The Word'?

    I thought you may be interested :)
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