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  1. littlecharmer

    My Insatiable One

    Can anybody upload a good quality version of My Insatiable One? According to passions the best version is on the "I'm A Poet" CD from 1st Oct 1992. Thanks
  2. littlecharmer

    Happy Birthday sweet and tender hooligan!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you've had a great day :D
  3. littlecharmer

    Random Album Cover Game

    I thought this was quite fun. Randomly design your own album cover 1. Band name The first article title on the page is the name of your band. 2. Album name The album name will be the last four...
  4. littlecharmer

    ALL YOU NEED IS ME ! New single (May 19) - details here.

    All You Need Is Me next single? I'm just listening again to the Marc Riley show from last night. He plays All You Need Is Me and says something along the lines of "We've just had a new single from Morrissey and now we have a new new single." Does he know something we don't or is he just...
  5. littlecharmer

    Trash - Live In Dallas

    Can anyone upload the audio of Trash from Live In Dallas? Thanks
  6. littlecharmer

    New book: Meetings with Morrissey

    Anyone heard anything about this book?
  7. littlecharmer

    Wanted: 2 tickets for Saturday

    If anyone has 2 spare tickets for Saturday 26th please let me know. Bloody Seetickets cancelled my order for the Saturday tickets and I couldn't get any replacements before they all sold out. I'd rather get them from someone on here than resort to ebay. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  8. littlecharmer

    Help please!

    I finally managed to get Marc Riley to play the Ludus Peel Session on his show tonight. I would really love to have a copy of this I can go back to, plus a few people have asked me to record it for them, thing is I'm stupid when it comes to this thought of thing and have no idea how I can record...
  9. littlecharmer

    Strangeways Picture Disc

    Bootleg like the Meat Is Murder and Queen Is Dead picture discs?
  10. littlecharmer

    Request: Irish Blood, English Heart demo

    Could anybody upload this please? Thanks in advance
  11. littlecharmer

    Free Smiths badge in Mojo Magazine + Jihnny Marr interview

    In the new issue of Mojo Magazine there is a free booklet on the 80s. There is a review of Hatful Of Hollow with a full page pic of Morrissey and an afterword by Johnny Marr again with a full page pic, where he also names his top 5 singles of the 80s which include The Beat - Save It For Later...
  12. littlecharmer

    Kristeen Young Interview

    Im pretty sure this one hasn't been posted. Some Morrissey related talk of course :)
  13. littlecharmer

    Johnny Powers

    Does anybody have 'Long Blonde Hair' by Johnny Powers which they could upload?
  14. littlecharmer

    Human Being live

    Am I right in thinking Morrissey has performed this live? If so could somebody tell me whats the best sound quality version of it and possibly upload/direct me to the concert? Thanks
  15. littlecharmer

    What's up with the search feature?

    How come whenever I try to search for something which has a word under 4 letters I get a message saying that its not specific enough. For example I searched "All you need is me lyrics" and it came up with this The search term you specified (all) is under the minimum word length (4) and...
  16. littlecharmer

    Request: My Top Ten BBC Radio 1 06.10.84

    Does anyone have the My Top Ten interview from 06.10.84 where Morrissey choses ten favourite tracks. Thanks
  17. littlecharmer

    Glastonbury 2004 set on BBC 6 music this monday

    George Lamb show on BBC 6 Music will be playing Morrissey's Glastonbury 2004 set on 21st May to celebrate Morrissey's birthday. Im certain its been on the radio before but just letting you know in case you'd like to listen again.
  18. littlecharmer

    Omaha Show Pics (including Daddy Morrissey! :D)

    Here's some pics from the Omaha show, they were posted on the main gallery put Im posting them here in case they were missed.
  19. littlecharmer

    Linder Sterling talk in New York

    Linder Sterling is holding a talk in New York on saturday 19 May talking about her upcoming exhibition. Details here Press release here (features a new print in the article which I haven't seen before)...
  20. littlecharmer

    Whats your best buy?

    I don't have much of a collection compared to others on here but my best bargains would have to be my copy of "James Dean Is Not Dead" which I got for 25p and my hardback edition of "Peepholism" which I got for 75p. What bargains have you guys found?
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