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  1. wolve

    Leonard Cohen

    It occured to me how prominent the idea of teaching is in his writing (songs and poetry).* But should we take this literally? Or see this in the light of Jewish tradition? Something else? *I wondered because I read "My teacher is dying". Oh, and because the exquisite "Teachers".
  2. wolve


    I can't get to my safety haven anymore. Under construction?
  3. wolve

    Roland Barthes

    Not only should he be adored because of what he did as a great literary critic, but everyone should read his book "Fragments d'un discours amoureux". Especially when your heart is broken. Especially then.
  4. wolve

    The National

    I really love their new album, Boxer and was wondering how their older work sounds like. Could anybody be kind enough to upload the relatively unknown "sad songs for dirty lovers"? Thankee.
  5. wolve

    Van Morrison

    Does anyone want to upload 'Astral Weeks' [the album] please? Thanks!
  6. wolve

    Jens Lekman

    Anyone who has heard the new album already?
  7. wolve

    Don't we

    ...miss something Serbian here?
  8. wolve

    The Karen O Appreciation Thread

    Great voice, lovely girl
  9. wolve

    "Meat is Murder" supposedly great,,2102907,00.html The Smiths Meat Is Murder Nominated by Jackie McKeown of 1990s I'm a Smiths fan and I like most of their records, but this is the weakest link in the canon. With the debut and The Queen Is Dead, you could cut up Morrissey's...
  10. wolve

    The National

    Great great new album (Boxer!)! Definitely high on my list at the end of 2007. His voice is magnificent.
  11. wolve


    If you had to name one song from the 70s, which described those years almost perfectly (so through the music and lyrics), which one would it be?
  12. wolve

    Happy Birthday Kickstand!

    No, I didn't forget it! Now, I am almost sure that with you being banned you'll never get to see this thread and it's not like you keep coming back with other accounts, now is it? :rolleyes: But nonetheless: congratulations!
  13. wolve

    New The Shins album

    You can listen to it here. Pretty decent stuff!
  14. wolve

    Meat is murder

    Anyone who wears the tshirt with the album cover and isn't a vegetarian? Just wondering.
  15. wolve

    Happy birthday, andy fozzy!

  16. wolve


    Does anybody have information if the members of Morrissey's band are vegetarians too?
  17. wolve

    There's a place in hell etc.

    Average quality, but worth watching for Boz!
  18. wolve

    Not Andy Rourke...

    but Andy Yorke! Yes, the brother of Thom can sing as well. He used to be with the band "Unbelievable Truth", but is now on his own. Very nice songs on his myspace here.
  19. wolve

    Virtually Dead's 3000th post!

    We know you'll get there tonight and the big question is, what will you do? Kickstand hopes you'll "lock yourself up in a post like chica did". May the Lord be with you when you get there and spend it on something nice - like to declare the love for Lor again or drunken words. ;)
  20. wolve

    There is a n°44 in "Timeless songs"-list

    Every year Belgian radio organizes a programme called "Timeless". They make a list of 100 songs the listener chooses to be "Timeless". They started playing it today and "There is a light and it never goes out" appeared on spot n°44. The entire list will appear tonight on the website, so I'll...
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