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  1. justsmithsandmorrissey

    Selling some vinyl

    Just moved into a new house and gf's putting pressure on me (lol) to raise some pennies for decs & appliances (bore), reluctantly going to sell a few records. I don't have anything mega rare (hold onto your friends 7" promo by far the rarest) everything I do own is in Near mint/like new...
  2. justsmithsandmorrissey

    Cool ebay item not seen these before but wouldn't mind gettin my hands on it.
  3. justsmithsandmorrissey

    Hot press magazine

    Got a couple of these spare if anyone wants one.
  4. justsmithsandmorrissey


    Got a spare copy of southpaw if anybody wants it. All excellent.
  5. justsmithsandmorrissey

    Moz promos wanted

    Building up a head of steam now with my 7" promos, will continue to play eBay & discogs waiting game but if anyone wants to help me take a shortcut, I need the following: Our frank 7" promo My love life 7" promo Certain people 7" promo Note wrong 7" promo Gracias
  6. justsmithsandmorrissey


    Filling in gaps in my LP collection, anyone got a copy of beethoven was deaf they don't mind parting with, anything NM/NM £70-80, or £100 for a mint one, there's bound to be a few knocking about still in cellophane, cheers
  7. justsmithsandmorrissey

    Morrissey Rarities

    Has anyone got any thoughts on what's currently the top moz rariety (or a top 5). The RC top 50 from years ago is in need of an update. Is the november second 12" test rarer than No one can hold a candle to you?
  8. justsmithsandmorrissey

    Missing Singles

    Hi, not been collecting long but from what i can gather the following are missing; Last of the famous w/paper sleeve My Love Life w/paper labels Ouija board w/white lettering Irish Blood clear vinyl (looking for any of the above, espesh the Ouija board)
  9. justsmithsandmorrissey


    Start off by saying what a great pic but unsure about the authenticity of the signature, has anyone got anything thats comparable. Im maybe being paranoid but it doesnt feel right to me, would deffo buy it otherwise...
  10. justsmithsandmorrissey

    Looking for this

    Girlfriend in a Coma Solid Centre, anyone got it??
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