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    Morrissey on TOTP

    I just saw Morrissey on TOTP2, how many times has he been on Top of the pops???
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    I'm Not Sorry

    "The woman of my dreams, she naver came along" been listening to this song a lot lately, was wondering how many of you have found the perfect partner?
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    Pulp - Different Class

    Was looking through my old MP3s and came across Pulps 'different class' album, I remembered that I used to listen to it loads when it first came out, so I gave it a go... What a great album! Gotta be one of the best (non Moz) albums ever... Love 'live bed show' and ' I spy'. Anyone else gonna...
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    Morrissey on 'Pulling' BBC 3

    Did you see the third episode of Pulling on BBC 3? The main character is worried that her recently seperated boyfriend is suicidal, her friends try and tell her he's not. They then hear him playing 'I know its over'... then they all look at eachother in pure worry!! haha. It's actually a...
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    Saw these guys at Astoria a little while ago... so good, what a gig! Anyone else into them?? If you like a bit of good old fashioned heavy, angry music then give em a go!! :)
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    New User

    Hello people, Just started on this forum, looking forward to posting soon :)
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