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  1. Dupree


    Does anyone think Morrissey will play something like Reading, Leeds, O2, V, Isle of Wight etc?
  2. Dupree


    Hello Do you think Morrissey will play a festival this year? If so, which do you think he will play? Will you go? I would be interested in going if he did but I don't have a clue which he would do!
  3. Dupree

    Two new T-Shirts. 2nd one is ironic.

    The second one reminded me of Renee Macintosh. I might buy it in tribute of the gig that never was. (I was meant to be going on Sunday)
  4. Dupree

    Edinburgh Ticket Wanted

    I would be interested in getting two also.
  5. Dupree

    See Tickets to issue a statement by Friday

    I feel quite miserable now. Is that pathetic? I am contemplating legging it to France.
  6. Dupree

    See Tickets to issue a statement by Friday

    The bloke I spoke to put me on hold for ages then told me, maybe yours was lazy and didn't check properly?
  7. Dupree

    See Tickets to issue a statement by Friday

    Just called See, they said they are being refunded. Gutted.
  8. Dupree

    See Tickets to issue a statement by Friday

    no freaking way...I'm gonna phone now!
  9. Dupree

    See Tickets to issue a statement by Friday

    So we may not get our Friday announcement? I can't say I'm surprised... I know we will know eventually but I am so damn impatient! My boyfriend works strange shifts at the moment and I am anxious to know when he will need to take off because he needs to do it well in advance.=(
  10. Dupree

    What on EARTH??

    Thank you for your help everyone. I'm relieved to have got my tickets. =)
  11. Dupree

    What on EARTH??

    Saturday was coming up as sold out on See Tickets and Gigsandtours for me?
  12. Dupree

    What on EARTH??

    Hooray! Got two tickets for Sunday. Wonderful! =)
  13. Dupree

    What on EARTH??

    Waiting on the boyfriend for which day he would prefer now Saturday is sold out. WHY IS HE TAKING SO LONG??? Arrrrrrrgggghhhh!
  14. Dupree

    What on EARTH??

    Hello I have been out of the loop for a few days now...I thought tickets were going on sale tomorrow but it seems that while I have been toiling away at work every jammy bugger has been getting pre-sale tickets. So now I'm on my lunchbreak... ...can I still get tickets? Can someone...
  15. Dupree

    victoria beckham is quite thin...

    Now Kerry Katona is a whole different kettle of fish. She's had more drama than Posh could ever imagine.
  16. Dupree

    Show us your boobs!

    Is it wrong of me to think I was actually gonna get to see some boobies? Bah, I may have to post my own! Hehe :D
  17. Dupree


    More teeth related news... Little baby Dupree is teething! I have my wisdom teeth coming through and they hurt like a bitch. I can't close my mouth properly, everywhere is inflammed and I have jaw ache. Anyone have any remedies, old wives tales or horror stories for me?
  18. Dupree

    Just how bad a musical act is kristeen young

    Dear God, I tried to like her. After seeing her support Moz in Portsmouth and being utterly confused by her I went and bought her album. I listened...decided it was a 'grower' and listened a few more times... What can I say, I tried.
  19. Dupree

    Last Night I Dreamt...

    ...that someone got into my Moz-Solo account and posted loads and loads of bollocks and started slagging everyone off. Looking back it was quite a lame thing to dream but I got really worried. I remember looking at my past posts and going 'shhhhhit!'. Silly me! Has it happened to...
  20. Dupree

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Whistle for the Choir - the Fratellis
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