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    picture of all morrissey/smiths releases

    does anyone have a mozaik of all the covers of all the albums & singles? i stumbled upon one once, but i can't find it anymore. thank you. also my photoshop skills don't allow me to make one myself.
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    Richard Hawley

    earlier this week, i found this on wikipedia does anyone know more about this. truth or just a myth? i hope it's not, because i love thos idiosyncracies that make mozz who he is.
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    need help in dating 3 songs

    hi, if someone could help me with dating the following 3 songs, that would be much appreciated: a girl i used to know oh i never learn stay as you are i don't need exact dates; but more in the likes of 89-92; 93-02; 04-08 these songs are addendums for never heard symphonies. thank you.
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    GetMeIn (Ticketmaster) is it safe to buy tickets via apart from being overpriced ...
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