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  1. Scarlet1987

    What happened? Is it Morrissey?

    This place used to a playground for lovers, losers and longers. Now it's as trivial and banal as clipping ones nails. Did Morrissey ruin this place? Or is everyone merely tiring of the man?
  2. Scarlet1987

    Lady Gaga in meat...shame on you Morrissey Find it hard to believe only weeks ago he was seen with this bore
  3. Scarlet1987

    Best cover ever What are your views on this? I adore this but maybe I am being tendencious as I adore Sandie, but this is the best cover. Whenever I hear it it shouts to me just how magnificent and unique Morrissey's writing is.
  4. Scarlet1987

    Morrissey is evil according to Tony Wilson

    Has anyone ever seen this? I vaguely recall it, made me laugh a little. Thoughts? Views? Is Morrissey that much of a c***?
  5. Scarlet1987

    Describe how Morrissey came

    into your life.
  6. Scarlet1987

    Work is a four letter word

    I listen to this a heck of a lot in recent days, Morrissey sounds so sad singing this, or maybe not.
  7. Scarlet1987

    Best morrissey song for heartbreak

    Which one would you listen to?
  8. Scarlet1987

    Render himself elsewhere

    I have no idea if this thread or along these lines has been spoken of before but will Morrissey live beyond 60? I can't see it. Suicide seems to be what I imagine the end of Morrissey to be. Or maybe opening up a few cat sanctuaries and retiring off to Ireland. Anyone else feel the same?
  9. Scarlet1987

    Where have all the 'fans' gone?

    Yes, I have not been on this place in ages and it's all deserted. Even the pervert thread. Has Morrissey finally bored everyone? Or is everyone packing up skunk and tents for the weekend?
  10. Scarlet1987

    Andy Fallon exhibition at Proud Gallery

    Hello, Have had a lovely reply for Andy Fallon, the photographer who took the Rome/Keats shot of Morrissey. He has an exhibition of the shots and others in Camden. "SIX SHOOTERS" from "" at the Proud Gallery in Camden on July 21st. Be fun to ask him as much...
  11. Scarlet1987

    Sacha Baron Cohen Appreciation Thread

    Bruno is the funniest thing I have seen in years. Make sure to watch the 18-rated version rather that the 15-rated. Oh and he's one sexy Jew
  12. Scarlet1987

    First time ever hearing morrissey saying f*** he's still got it.
  13. Scarlet1987

    Choose one Smiths and one Morrissey song for Desert Island Discs

    Yes, just wanted to see what peoples faves were on here. Smiths for me would be Rubber Ring Morrissey would be Certain People I know And you can only pick one each
  14. Scarlet1987

    Pleeeease help with this question

    Hello all, I have forgotten, totally forgotten moz's old londonm address. The cresent something or other in Kensington off the back of hyde park or buckingham palace? Thanks in advance
  15. Scarlet1987

    Simon Cowell maybe a bit of an arsehole

    But I bet he's one hell of a f***. And very sexy
  16. Scarlet1987

    The Pigsty is full of Yanks

    Yeah, when I come hear looking for something interesting to read gawp at or reply to it's all bullshit you americans have found off perez hilton or something.
  17. Scarlet1987

    Un Chant d'Amour Moz & The flowers

    I have just watched Un Chant d'Amour by Jean Genet and I must say I am mesmorized. Now Morrissey has said that this is another of his favourites and I'm assuming that his passion for this is probably pretty much proof that he's homosexual, hence wearing the flowers on his crotch etc I...
  18. Scarlet1987

    Ringleader and Refusal?

    This is one of those questions that go around in ones head and never really get answered so I just wanted to get peoples opinion on the subject. With Ringleader of the Tormentors Morrissey basically said that he was having sex and some kind of relationships and that he was finally 'Born'...
  19. Scarlet1987

    1 spare RAH ticket, collect from me in London tomorrow

    Hello all, I have one ticket spare for RAH tomorrow. I shall be getting in to london around midday and going straight to the royal albert hall to collect the tickets. So if anyone would like one I shall give it to you face to face. Pm me if you want it. £30 Thanks
  20. Scarlet1987

    Can someone please tell me the videos played before Moz came on last night?

    I know it was sparks, lou reed and shocking blue, but who were the others? Especially the woman singing with the long blonde hair, 60's video. I can't seem to find anywhere what these videos were. Thanks
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