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  1. Skinner

    Anyone have an extra ticket to the Red Bank NJ show on Tuesday?

    I'm looking for a single ticket to the Tuesday January 15th show in Red Bank NJ. Please let me know if you have an extra ticket you are looking to sell. Thanks, Skinner
  2. Skinner

    Wanted: 1 ticket to North Bethesda, Dec 7th

    Hi, I'm looking for 1 ticket for the North Bethesda show on December 7th. The best available ticket that you might have, would be much appriciated. Please email me with info at [email protected] Thanks!
  3. Skinner

    Selling tickets for Boston, Waterbury, and both T5 shows

    Please email me at [email protected] for more info. I have single tickets for each of these shows and due to family/friend obligations, I can't make it to the shows. I won't ask for anything over face value. Might be willing to even offer a discount. I hope to hear from you. Thanks...
  4. Skinner

    Extra tickets to Boston and CT for sale

    Hi there, Please email me if you are interested in either/both of these... I have an extra ticket to the Boston show at the Wang Theater on Friday October 5th. The seat is located on the isle. Section: Orchestra left-center, row V, seat 1. I am asking face value for this ticket which...
  5. Skinner

    Questions for all of you California residents etc...

    I am trying to get familiar with some towns and neighborhoods in the southern California area. I guess if you can give me some info on these areas, as far as what it would be like residentially speaking, that would be great. I.e. Does this area have a lot of crime? Is this area worth living...
  6. Skinner

    Please help me find out the value of 8 track tapes...

    If someone could point me in the right direction, I am trying to find the value of a sealed Temptations 8 track tape from the 70's. Anybody know where to look or what resource to use etc? I googled and found some interesting articles but not much else. Help?
  7. Skinner

    Your best of '09

    In the spirit of year end re-caps, what are some of your favorite things from 2009? Maybe your top 3 in greatest things? Like this... Best singles: 1. 2. 3. Best albums: 1. 2. 3. Best TV shows: 1. 2. 3. Best live gigs: 1. 2. 3. Best Movies: 1. 2. 3. And...
  8. Skinner

    Canada we love you!

    We all love Canada and we know it. Yeah the thing about the seals, is unfortunate but hey, look at the great things that the great northern tundra has given us over the years... The lovely and wonderful Tegan and Sara :love::clap::flowers: Dallas Green of City and Colour/Alexisonfire...
  9. Skinner

    Question for console gamers

    Hi there. My domestic partner is annoying the crap out of me because he wants a PS3 so badly. His reasons include it plays blue rays and the games are supposed to be the best out there right now. I would prefer a Wii but I have heard from some friends that it gets old quickly. I know...
  10. Skinner

    F off PMS!!!!

    Discuss!!!!! :tears::crazy::sick::swear::drama::censored:
  11. Skinner

    Ready with, Ready Whip...

    I asked before in the frink but haven't had any luck so I wanted to open it up to everyone. Does anyone recall a link from a few years ago in which that infamous line from Trouble Loves Me "ready with, ready wit..." is on a loop and the page just consists of that sound bite, with a gif of Moz...
  12. Skinner

    Sunny Day Real Estate Reunite & Tour US

    :thumb: For any Sunny Day Real Estate fans out there, I just found this out. Tickets for their US reunion tour to on sale this weekend. Will I see anyone at the Philly date?
  13. Skinner

    For sale, 1 ticket for Carnegie tonight...

    Hi there, I'm selling 1 ticket for Carnegie tonight, Center Balcony, Row 4. Joey has the ticket and is in NYC now. I would arrange for you to meet him at the venue before the show for the sale. Face vale is $75 but I'd be willing to sell it for $60 or $55 even. PM me if you're...
  14. Skinner

    The Return of Spinal Tap!!!!

    Spinal Tap has announced plans for a reunion tour! Who else plans to go??? Update: Apparently they are performing songs from A Mighty Wind as well. Yay! The Folksmen!!!
  15. Skinner

    Philly show after show party w/ the Sons and Heirs and our very own DJ Chris X!!!

    Hey there people!!! There will be an after show party on March 22nd following Morrissey's gig in Philadelphia featuring the Smiths tribute The Sons and Heirs, and solo's very own DJ Chris X (aka Darth Vegan)!!!! Another DJ might be added as well; stay...
  16. Skinner

    Summer Heights High???

    Is anyone a fan of the show Summer Heights High? Ever heard of it? If so, let's dish...:)
  17. Skinner

    Dip your pen in the company ink?

    Would you ever consider getting involved wtih a co-worker? Have you ever been invovled with a co-worker? I want to hear your horror stories, love stories, and any other stories that you had to hide from HR. ;):cool:
  18. Skinner

    Strange Fascinations

    What are some of your strange fascinations? You know, the things you have always been way more interested about that you should, without explanation. Perhaps its an obscure sport, an animal or species, a person, place, thing, medical oddity etc.. I'll go first: Multiple births. Whenever...
  19. Skinner

    David Byrne US tour

    David Byrne has announced some US dates for this fall. See you at the Philly gig. :cool: Tue 09/16/08 Bethlehem, PA Zoellner Arts Center Wed 09/17/08 Baltimore, MD Lyric Opera House Thu...
  20. Skinner

    Ever dress like Morrissey? Show us :)

    Show us your pics of you dressed as the Mozzer and tell us the story behind it. I'll start. This is me at an 80's party last weekend. Thanks to bogdana for lending me the tshirt and pins :)
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