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    Why did the UK concerts even go ahead?

    Shouldn't they have been rescheduled in the midst of the covid-19 crisis? Surprising to me.
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    Looking for Emore Tix Please

    Would prefer front section standing if possible. Please get in touch. Thanks. Edit: Sorry, that should say Enmore, as in the theatre in Sydney.
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    Morrissey Dreams (Redux)

    Looks like my Morrissey Dreams thread has been archived. Never fear! Here's another one and another dream. I guess because I bought tickets to 3 shows yesterday I had a pretty vivid dream I was at one of them last night. Of course I had forgot to bring my ticket, but was able to sneak in...
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    Should Morrissey start doing full album tours?

    What album would you like to see performed in it's entirety from start to finish?
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    What the....

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    I'm on a major Smiths kick right now and loving it.

    Triggered by some mild heartache. Never fails. Louder than Bombs is on. 20 years and still in high rotation. :rolleyes:
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    I've not been feeling myself tonight...

    taking a break :guitar:
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    There is a light... sigh
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    Happy Birthday to NRITH

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    Forever alone

    How many people here genuinely consider themselves to be forever alone? If so, what role do you think Morrissey has played in your perpetual state of singleness? PS: Happily married people, kindly stay the f*** out of this thread. Thanks. 9'er
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    OMD Fans?

    What's the consensus on History of Modern? Never thought I'd be saying this, but what a fantastic and long overdue return to form. :thumb:
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    Bono really is a cock head

    "The New York Post revealed that in 2008, ONE took $14,993,873 in donations from philanthropists, of which a thrifty $184,732 was distributed to charity. More than $8m was spent on executive and employee salaries." more here...
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    I've Changed My Plea alt. version

    Anyone know what the deal is with the version of this from the Viva Hate Bonus Tracks edition? It's not the one I have on the My Love Life single. What is the music playing at the beginning? Gracias.
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    Who is this?

    Because I have no idea
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    The blatant rip off thread

    I'll go first.
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    Chapterhouse live in Brooklyn One of the best bands of that whole era I reckon. Just have a listen to April if you don't believe me. Have fun those who are going! Looks like the only east coast show at this stage.
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    I Like Spencer Cobrin

    Best Moz drummer ever period
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