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  1. Not Right in the Head

    Cool EILS original display flat on EIL

    It's a 14" flat designed to look like the 7" single label. ~US$20. There's only one for sale, so who's going to bag it? (EIL, you can send me the finder's fee at my usual address. Kthxbye.)
  2. Not Right in the Head

    Morrissey & colleagues propose a new theory of dark matter

    I'm not even lying: "X Particle Explains Dark Matter and Antimatter at the Same Time" And here's the abstract.
  3. Not Right in the Head

    We all shine on (December 8th, 1980)

    R.I.P, John Instant Karma's gonna get you Gonna knock you right on the head You better get yourself together Pretty soon you're gonna be dead What in the world you thinking of Laughing in the face of love What on earth you tryin' to do It's up to you, yeah you Instant Karma's...
  4. Not Right in the Head

    New from Yanni: "Truth of Touch"

    Since we can't expect any new releases from Morrissey anytime soon, Yanni's new album, Truth of Touch, due in February, may appease our collective yearning, however slightly. It's his first instrumental album in 7 years, and let's face it, it's Yanni's instrumentals that made us fall in love...
  5. Not Right in the Head

    EILS b-side download password?

    Some kind soul (probably ****) sent me a zip file of the EILS vinyl rips two months ago. I need to re-extract them again, but I've forgotten the archive password. Help! :pray:
  6. Not Right in the Head

    Research shows that seeing meat makes people less aggressive

    Meat is mollifying? A researcher at McGill University in Toronto has found that 82 men responded less aggressively when shown images of meat than when shown other images designed to provoke them, such as ones of weapons. "I wanted to know if we might respond aggressively to certain stimuli in...
  7. Not Right in the Head

    Coheed and Cambria cover "A Rush and a Push"

    Today's Onion AV Club features metal band Coheed and Cambria doing an acoustic cover of "A Rush and a Push and the Land Is Ours." I think it's pretty f***ing exquisite, and makes me that much more hopeful that Morrissey himself will someday do an acoustic-only album...
  8. Not Right in the Head

    Meatus Murder

    Putting ferrets down your pants? Surely that's animal cruelty, right? After reading this, I completely changed my mind--it's human cruelty. Aww! :squiffy: You have no idea how long I've been waiting to use that as a headline for something. Don't get it? Google it.
  9. Not Right in the Head

    The future of advertising

    Morrissey would not approve.
  10. Not Right in the Head

    Which of Morrissey's musical heroes has he -not- covered yet?

    So we've had, either recorded or performed live, New York Dolls - "Trash", "Human Being", "Subway Train", etc. Magazine - "A Song From Under the Floorboards" Patti Smith - "Redondo Beach" Timi Yuro - "Interlude" Frank Sinatra - "My Way" (a capella at the 2004 MEN show) Twinkle - "Golden...
  11. Not Right in the Head

    2009/03/14: Warner Theatre, Washington, DC, US

    AT LAST! The long-awaited, oft-promised bootleg of the only show so far on this tour that's featured "It's Not Your Birthday Anymore" and "You Say You Don't Love Me." Recorded with my Samson Zoom recorder, bumped up in volume a bit, then converted from lossless stereo WAV to 192kbps MP3...
  12. Not Right in the Head

    Chat sex?

  13. Not Right in the Head

    Should I rent "Yes Man" or "Twilight" tonight?

    Apologies in advance for creating a Robbyish poll, but Mrs. NRitH and I just can't decide.
  14. Not Right in the Head

    Penis stretching

    Any of you stretch your penis? If so, what length are you up to? I'm trying to go from a [not telling you] to 7-16"...but the skin isn't budging...I don't want a blow out or for my shaft to rupture. Any suggestions? Hey, at least it's not my ears.
  15. Not Right in the Head

    The Susan Boyle Frink Thread

    I dunno what the f*** she's doing in that last pic, but I like it. *fans self*
  16. Not Right in the Head

    Daily Mail makes fun of Moz's penchant for taking his shirt off on stage Heh. WTF is on his arm?
  17. Not Right in the Head

    What music do/did your parents listen to?

    And did it have any influence on your musical tastes? My mother has an encyclopedic knowledge of 60s pop. Her favorite bands were British Invasion groups (The Searchers, Gerry and the Pacemakers, etc.) riding on the Beatles' coattails. Oddly, she never cared for the Beatles themselves. In the...
  18. Not Right in the Head

    McDonald's almost kills old couple

    Congestive heart failure? No. Food poisoning? No. Hepatitis B? No. Choking? No.
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