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    Electronic or new Order Live

    Anyone have any live stuff from Electonic or New Order? Thanks.

    Any of Cobrin/Whyte/Day/Boorer pre moz or side project stuff...

    Memphis Sinners Johnny Panic Born Bad Gazmen Caravan Sharks And was not there a few others that 2 or 3 of the 4 were all in together? I'll be honest, I'm probably not going to buy any of this stuff even if I could find it for sale so dont lecture me and just let me know if you have of the...

    Tiger Army and/or Red Lightning Live?

    Does anyone have either of these bands live in a good quality downloadable format anywhere? Thanks. Also, I know there was somewhere to buy the Red Lightning cd, where is that? Thanks.

    Need Now I Am A Was Please

    I had it awhile back and have lost it. Does anyone have a good version I could have? I forgot now, when was this song done? It was a B-side wasnt it, or was it something that never made it out? I do remember it wasnt one of his greatest but I'd liek to have it none the less. Thank you very much...

    Looking for live versions of Jack the Ripper.

    JTR is one of my top 5 songs. I love hearing it live. The band plays it different all the time and I'd love to get my hands on some bootlegs. If youre in a generous mood, I'd love different versions of Speedway, Pigsty, and In the Future When Alls Well. I'd appreciate it. Thanks

    Looking for Morrisseys "Now I Am a Was"

    I had this song at one time but dont remember where I stored it. I've searched everywhere. Does anyone have this song and if so, can you give me a link to download it? Thanks.

    Does anyone have pics of Morrisseys mom, dad, and sister??

    Jst curious to see what they look like. is he still close with all of them? Wasnt there a falling out between Morrissey and his father? Are his "mother & father" songs mostly about them? Are they still alive? Do they live in the UK? Does he see them often? whats his sister do? I've always...

    Help with Song Meanings

    I'd like to think I know what most of Morrisseys songs are about. Or at least have enough of an idea to satisfy my curiosity. But every once in awhile I find myself singing along to a song, one I've listened to 100 times or more and it just hits me .... what the hell is he singing about anyway...

    Long Live the New Flesh - Flesh for LuLu

    Anyone have a link to the Flesh for LuLu albums "Long Live the New Flesh" or their live London album? Itunes does not have either. Or any Flesh downloads. Thanks.

    Looking for live Chili Peppers or John Frusciante. Thanks!

    Looking for any Red Hot Chili Peppers or John Frusciante solo live stuff. I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

    Moz Live 08 Help Please!!!!!

    I am working at a remote office w/ no music and was wondering if someone could direct me to a link to download one of Morrisseys latest concerts where he performed all of his new tracks (Paris, Skull, mama, All u need, Throw up, etc.). I have it on my laptop dont have it here. Or something else...

    New Tracks/Album - Questions

    Helloooooo I've been out of "The Loop" and just downloaded a live group of songs featuring Mozs new songs and had some questions: 1. Whose written these songs? (Paris, Grow Up, AYNIM, Mama, Skull, Farewell) is it Jessie and Boz or is Alain still helping with songwriting? I hope so. 2. Is...

    Wherre to by THPGU single???

    Itunes doesnt have this and neither did the local record store. Where can I buy or download the single and accompanying tracks? Thanks.

    New Cure

    Does anyone have any "legal" samplings or tracks from the upcoming Cure album? I think its due this year. Theres no singles out yet are there? Just curious to see if there was anything floating about. Thanks.

    Put together your ultimate dream band

    Yeah, its stupid, I know. But it kills the time and makes me imagine "what if"! I think the band needs to seem like it would really work. Like you wouldnt put Mike Ness of Suicidal Tendencies singing over keyboards by Martin Gore of Depeche Mode. Anyway, i have put together 2 bands that would...

    Depeche Mode Members Solo - Who's Better?

    Just bought David Gahans new album. Brilliant. He does very well on his own. Love his lyrics and music selection. I've listened to Recoil (Alan Wilder) and Martin Gore solo and was wondering what everyone else thought.

    Whats up with radiohead?

    Anyone know anything about their new album. Are we going to finally get another Genius Pablo Honey/Bends/OK Computer album, or another crap Thom Yorke vs. GarageBand2.0 for mac ripoff album. Dont get me wrong, I own all their albums, and I do like the experimental electronic stuff, but some of...

    Where are Gary and Alain?

    I know this is a tired subject but why isnt Gary touring? And whats Alain up to? All the n ews on the internet is old. What happened to Red Lightning? Would make sense for them to tour with Moz? Did that ever come up or was it ever considered? And while I'm at it, does anyone know what Spencer...

    WTF Morrissey?

    First off, I am a fanatic,a long time fan, have seen Moz 12 times live and have tickets for the Jax, FL show. I rarely bash him so forgive me, I'm just throwing some thoughts out after last nights "performance" on Letterman and wonder if anyone agrees. I understand hes aging and that he was...

    Ordinary Boys

    I am having trouble finding The Ordinary Boys on Itunes USA. Do they have full length stuff out? Are they available in the stores? Are they available here, by someone hooking me up?
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