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  1. nocturn0wl

    1st Annual Morrissey/Smiths Convention Baltimore, MD

    "An Unhappy Birthday Party" The First Annual Morrissey/Smiths Convention featuring: live performances from Smiths cover band Girlfriend In a Coma Morrissey karaoke Morrissey look-alike contest vendors and more! at The Ottobar in Baltimore, MD 2549 N. Howard St. Baltimore, MD...
  2. nocturn0wl

    question for the meat-eaters here

    If you ever had the opportunity to dine with Morrissey, would you refrain from eating meat in his presence out of respect for him and his beliefs, or would you say "Screw Morrissey, I'll eat whatever I want! I'll have the steak please!" I have often thought about this and what I would do...
  3. nocturn0wl

    Cryfest--smiths Vs. The Cure Dance Party In D.c.!

    CRYFEST The Smiths VS. The Cure Dance Party @ The Black Cat in Washington D.C. 1811 14th St. NW WDC 20009 April 21st 9:30pm $10 cover I have been to this event before and it is FUN and very popular!!
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