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  1. echobay

    panic attacks/hot weather

    Does anyone here have panic attacks and find that hot weather combined with humidity triggers them ? It seems to start mine off and I'm wondering if there is a scientific reason like the change in pressure or is it just psychological ?
  2. echobay

    Screenplay based on Morrissey songs

    I think Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed would be excellent if someone wrote a screenplay based on the lyrics. Anyone think any other Morrissey songs would work well if they were adapted/extended for film ?
  3. echobay

    What is the sample of dialogue in TTAAOTP ?

    Can anyone tell me what the sample of dialogue in The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils is taken from ?
  4. echobay

    Lego Morrissey

    Lego Morrissey complete with stage invader. :lbf:
  5. echobay

    I found Morrissey!

    Here he is in his bedroom, rehearsing for the next tour. :thumb:
  6. echobay

    Steve Lilywhite American Idol
  7. echobay

    No.1 on Morrissey's birthday

    This was number 1 the week Morrissey was born. What was number 1 the week you were born ? Blondie, Heart Of Glass was mine.
  8. echobay


    Who wants a Manllow ? :lbf: And they are actually sold out!! God I hate Twilight!
  9. echobay

    Morrissey watches dvds at Jonathan's house

    Jonathan mentions Morrissey was round at his house watching dvds of an old show called Star Town. 0.25 - 1.25 Apologies if this has been posted already. XHfwgFYmq8o&NR=1
  10. echobay

    seal skin boots made me sad

    While at work last night I overheard a teenage girl bragging about her new pair of seal skin boots. She was so happy about having them. :mad: It amazes me that people could wear these without thinking about the pain and suffering of the seal. I just don't get it. :( There is absolutely no need...
  11. echobay

    Russell Brand to get Moz tatoo
  12. echobay

    Happy Birthday Zoloft!

    Happy Birthday zoloft! Hope you have a lovely day. Best wishes xoxox :)
  13. echobay

    Andy Rourke interview
  14. echobay

    Favourite Morrissey/Smiths covers

    Just wondered if anyone has any favourite Morrissey or The Smiths covers. I love the ones done by our very own Franissey and UncleSkinny/King Leer. I also like the ones below. ^^thought it was cute she done it for her Mum.
  15. echobay


    Any Runrig fans here ? :)
  16. echobay

    Will the Manchester gigs be filmed ?

    Do you think the Manchester birthday concert will be recoreded and released on DVD ? I really hope it is.
  17. echobay

    What lyric describes you today ?

    What lyric describes you or the way you feel today ? This is mine for today ? And when you want to Live How do you start ? Where do you go ? Who do you need to know ?
  18. echobay

    Phone Morrissey, he might buy it.
  19. echobay

    Morrissey - Coachella on Perez Hilton
  20. echobay

    fave eurovision vids

    Post your fave eurovision song contest vids here. Cheesy, but you got to love them! :lbf: 1DwIqHbAJgM&feature=related I'll start with Austria - Tony Wegas 1992
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