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  1. J-loc

    what was that website that had all album covers?

    I saw it here in a thread in which I obviously can't find. But it had both Morrissey and Smith Album covers in high res form. Anyone know what I'm talking about? :D
  2. J-loc

    has anyone heard this version of I know it's over...

    where morrissey stops singing and starts yelling "Jesus Christ Don't be so stupid, leave him alone you stupid idiot!" I've always wondered what was the story behind that...lemme upload for those that haven't heard it before :)
  3. J-loc

    Is it just me or does this song sound like This Charming Man?

    not a fan just saying the beat is very similar IMO
  4. J-loc

    Radiohead TV vids of live performance off the new album, various music by other bands. I saw them play reckoner live and they covered Joy Division's Ceremony which was just perfect!
  5. J-loc

    In here you will name.....

    songs of Morrssey/The Smiths that have to do with drinking :) off the top of my head Our Frank Unhappy Birthday These Things take time King Leer Glamorous glue
  6. J-loc

    last minute ticket 4 sale! hollywood

    Section G2 row 20, seat 6 asking for face value $65 or best offer calling is gonna be the easiest way to reach me, I can met you at venue 310-462-5484 :)
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