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  1. JasonLeeming

    Keith Floyd (and Patrick Swayze) RIP

    Keith Floyd is dead. (And Patrick Swayze) The epic chef Keith Floyd has sadly died. He may have cooked meat more often than not, but he was still fantastic. Plus, there's the news that Patrick Swayze has died as well.
  2. JasonLeeming

    Johnny Marr set to appear on 'Something for the Weekend' BBC 2 13/09/09

    Don't know if this has been mentioned yet, or whether it should be in off topic or not, but Johnny is set to to appear on Something for the Weekend this Sunday (13th), and the show starts at 10am for anyone interested.
  3. JasonLeeming

    "Eating processed meat causes cancer" according to the World Cancer Research Fund

    Article from the Guardian: "Scientists warn consumption of processed meat linked to cancer" Of course, these studies are biased to some degree, but still informative and interesting.
  4. JasonLeeming

    Guardian Article "How the west's appetite for beef is felling the Amazon"

    How the west's appetite for beef is felling the Amazon Just thought that this may interest some people.
  5. JasonLeeming

    Leeds tickets: Really big favour

    I need a really big favour from anyone. I have left my card at home so therefore can't buy any tickets online. Would anyone be willing to get me two standing tickets for Leeds in October, and I could pay them back the full amount via paypal straight away? regards Jason
  6. JasonLeeming

    Vegetarian Wines

    Does anyone know of any decent, reasonably priced suitable for vegetarians wine? I'm having trouble finding some. Recommendations please? thanks Jay
  7. JasonLeeming

    Why's 'Mclenarr' been banned?

    Anyone know why Mclenarr has been banned? He/she was alright Jay
  8. JasonLeeming

    Part time degrees

    Does anyone here do a part time degree at all? I've been accepted at Salford Uni and I'll be studying part time. I'm just not too sure if I can get the loans for my tuition fees. I've spoken to the Uni and to other agencies and they're all telling me different things. Just wondered if anyone can...
  9. JasonLeeming

    German 'Shoplifters' 7" blue vinyl

    How much do you reck I could get for this on fleaBay? Vinyls in good nick, but the sleeve has a mark where the sticker once was. I just bought a better copy of it and wanted to get at least a few quid back. cheers Jay
  10. JasonLeeming

    Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before 12"

    Bought the Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before/Girlfriend In a Coma 12" double A side today. Printed on white vinyl. Just wondering if anyone has come across this before: Girlfriend In A Coma and it's B side are on the side that Stop Me if You Think You've Heard This One Before...
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