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  1. devout

    London - London Palladium (Mar. 10, 2018) post-show

    Had a cracking evening. Did the vip and steamed into the free Tattinger on offer. Stayed there whilst they ushered people to their seats at 8.30. Seemed a crime to leave the free stuff undrunk.... Being the tightarse I am bought the 3 t-shirts ‘mystery’ deal for a £15. So was well pleased with...
  2. devout

    Mporium: Sneak peek at Camden pop up shop

    Wouldn't mind buying the big print of the boxer....
  3. devout

    Jakarta, Indonesia - Senayan Golf Driving Range (Oct. 12, 2016) post-show

    The guy's face when he signs his arm I think would have been mine also....
  4. devout

    Showstar cover "Everyday Is Like Sunday"

    It's easy to say that's utter shit.
  5. devout

    Morrissey's new management - Three Six Zero

    Give it til Christmas. Unmanageable.
  6. devout

    Live Radio Broadcast of Tel-Aviv Show

    He sounds fantastic. Funny quip about the backdrop being Mass Murderer Charles Starkweather and people cheering assuming it is James Dean.....o_O
  7. devout

    TTY: Morrissey in Manchester: ticket update

    £71 plus fees to stand at a Moz gig is a total pisstake. Never looks after the hardcore just fleeces em at every opportunity.
  8. devout

    TTY: Please, somebody, tell me it's just a bad dream ...; Buzzcocks for McDonald's
  9. devout

    TTY: Please, somebody, tell me it's just a bad dream ...; Buzzcocks for McDonald's

    The voiceover of Moz's book, David Morrissey, did a voiceover for McDs two years ago. Nothing was said then....
  10. devout

    "Morrissey Ups His Punk Cred by Taking Selfies at a Rancid Show" -

    Bit creepy. Amongst the last few bands I saw were Rancid (London Forum) and The Damned (London Roundhouse). Rancid are bloody awful! Only had one song of any note (that played a note) the rest is just shouty old nonsense. Lets face it you aren't gonna see Moz at a Drake gig eh. Happy St...
  11. devout

    David Bowie dies at 69

    Bowie never dies... God bless The Dame.
  12. devout

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    Comedy legend Roy Hudd Roy highlights Mrs Shufflewick, one of Moz's favourite drag acts from bygone days on Radio 4's 'Front Row' programme as a huge influence on his work. It's available on the Front Row podcast. Roy Hudd is a true comedy legend and a dying breed unfortunately. Last of...
  13. devout

    TTY: Morrissey y Malvinas

    Good to see he doesn't mind promoting Emirates...
  14. devout

    TTY: The Genius of Russell Brand He helped the Labour Party. Genius!
  15. devout

    London, England - Eventim Apollo (Sep. 21, 2015) post-show

    If you weren't a Moz loyalist and walked in off the street you would struggle to justify the ticket price. Too many obscure songs as always, but he doesn't give a toss and that's part of the deal. Think he's ran out of Classic Bantz....mentioning the Brit Awards was really tired. He forgot...
  16. devout

    "The Seven Immortals" backdrop

    Russell Simmons was a member of the Seven Immortals. Fair bit of South Bronx hang stuff on YouTube. Aint Gonna Eat My Mind
  17. devout

    "15 Minutes With You " by Julie Hamill available for pre-order (to ship Sep. 2015)

    Going to order, Julie is a total Moz Loyalist. A do-er and not a keyboard warrior like so many on here. Best of luck :thumb:
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