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  1. devout

    "Jobriath, the man who fell to earth" The Guardian 28/3/12 Article by Mark Almond
  2. devout

    Tickets req for the Boro....

    If anyone has a couple going spare can you mail me please You can't beat a Friday night out in the Boro! :crazy: [email protected]
  3. devout

    Hands up who didnt get a print

    On my invoice it said 'signed print' but quelle surprise no print Another marketing con I fell for. Anyone got a timeshare they wanna sell me! Muuuuuuuuug!
  4. devout

    You'll never walk alone - Tour Piano intro

    Anyone know who it's by and what cd it's from?? :popcorn:
  5. devout

    Nico - I'm Not Sayin' "I'm not sayin I'll be true But I try" Very Morrissey delivery. :)
  6. devout

    Joe Dolan Saw this before at the UK gigs and didn't have a scooby who it was. :blushing:
  7. devout

    Keith Waterhouse, author of Billy Liar, dies aged 80
  8. devout

    David Beckham slated by Moz Lyrics! "Is evil something you are? or Something you do?" Genius :lbf:
  9. devout

    The List of Cancelled gigs??

    Has anyone got that long list of the gigs he's cancelled over the years?
  10. devout

    The hands up who is bloody excited thread

    I'm more excited for this than the MEN gig. Then Troxy, then Friday Brixton. :thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:
  11. devout

    Jonathan Ross going to Moz's 50th Birthday Party

    Just got this off Twitter: Wossy: "Sorry to shout but ...I JUST GOT INVITED TO MORRISEY'S 50TH BIRTHDAY PARTY !!!!!!!! Need to choose outfit immediately :)" I'd learn to spell his name right on his card fif I was JR . . .:blushing:
  12. devout

    Haha! Just won YoR from Peta. . . .

    Already have the deluxe cd though :o Amazing really as I never win *anything* *buys lottery ticket*
  13. devout

    B Sides that *definately* should've been A sides. . .

    Sister I'm a Poet Disappointed Lost The Never-Played Symphonies No One Can Hold a Candle to You (The original is fantastic btw) Nobody Loves Us These ones come to mind. How 'Lost' didn't get picked is just bizarre :crazy:
  14. devout

    A better way to sell the tour?

    It's getting a joke the way the tours are handled and sold. 1) The touts have yet again swept all the internet sites and got the tickets 2) Why sell venues in such a sporadic manner?? 3) To sell them 2 weeks before Christmas is a joke. How about a thought as to where the fans are...
  15. devout


    Never been there, its only up the road from me too. Anyone know how big it is?
  16. devout

    If anyone has 2 spare for RAH *weeps*

    Be a love and send us a pm I just can't work a pc's it seems. . . Even go to the last page with Stargreen and the bastards sold em!:horny:
  17. devout

    Boz's t-shirt in AYNIM video

    I think it's a line from this classic song: I turn on my radio, they play your favorite song Did I not do somethin' right? Was there somethin' I done wrong? As you pulled away, you should've tried Instead of feelin' foolish pride & fear I'm so mis'rable without you, it's almost like...
  18. devout

    Why keep on playing 5 night stands?

    Everyone of em ends up in tears. 2 or 3 nights at a larger venue (5,000) is enough. Or why not just do the O2 and be done with it?:guitar:
  19. devout

    Genuine fan needs 1 ticket for Sat 26th

    I'd appreciate your help. Email:[email protected] Cheers dev:)
  20. devout

    Johnny Marr in Guardian....

    What a total waste of a talent
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