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    My evening with yesitis

    "That baby kills the shit out of people." "My mind is as clean as the pure driven snow; I'm as innocent as baby Jesus" "I do have an obsession with baby Jesus. In a fully sexual way." "The bin? Oh yeah, you see the tesco bag on the plate next to my bong?" "You mock me then you steal...
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    I just skipped down the road...

    Alone, singing along to hand in glove on my ipod. (in my defence, I'm quite drunk and it's very late). Anyone else done anything similar? Drunk or otherwise? :p :cool:
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    Dirty Pretty Things have split

    Exclusive statement to the NME: I never liked them THAT much, but I was going to see them next tuesday til the whole car thing, and now I can't go, and it's the last time I'd ever be able to see them, and I'm really miserable now :(
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    People Who Don't Pay Their TV Licenses Against The Nazis

    "Right on! Yeah, this will shake them up at the Anarchists Society! Occupying the refectories! So what? This is the real stuff! I'm a fugitive! A desperado! I'm going to form a new union society, right? With me as president! "People Who Don't Pay Their TV Licenses Against the Nazis!" :cool:
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    The New Art Group (Smiths Covers)

    The New Art Group (Our Band) Me and Virtie have recorded some Smiths covers and put them up on our band's myspace: The band's actually called The New Art Group, as of today, but we can't change the URL, so there you are. By the way, it's me on vocals...
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    Help with Chords to a New England and Smells Like Teen Spirit

    Going busking tomorrow and we need some songs that don't happen to be by The Smiths, can anyone help? All the versions of A New England on the web seem a bit off... And the versions of Smells Like Teen Spirit are lead parts mainly, Thanks
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    Myspace profile for Smiths live songs and rarities...

    Virtie and I have created a myspace band thingy for smiths live tracks and a few rare ones, (because there isn't one, and there should be), and we need friends! So, if you have myspace (if you don't, please don't reply just to say how shit it is), then add us! Or else... :p...
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    A Homosexers resurrection!

    Ladys and Gentlemen! The Homosexers are back in Solo! Well, at the moment it's just me and Virtie (me on, erm, wailing hopefully in tune and Virtie on her 2 string accoustic guitar) we are now officially holding auditions for new members! Note: All auditionees must be able to blag! You don't...
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    I'm back...

    Due to popular request (um, virtie...) I have returned. But you probably didn't notice I was gone, and I'm going to look a bit silly now. Oh well, a visit to Salford Lads Club has reinvigorated my obsession, and it seems only right that I come back to the forum. So... hello :p
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    Best indie anthems ever

    This was an NME poll, the Smiths appeared several times: number 21: Panic number 11: This Charming Man number 7: How Soon is Now number 4: There is a light... Oasis were number one, Nirvana were number two, and Pulp were number three. Just thought I'd let you know :)
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    Old Trafford

    My mum just phoned me to say that they played 'Munich Air Disaster 1958' at half time at Old Trafford (she's there) so I thought you might like to know ;)
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    R2- Best British Band

    Radio 2 are running a poll to find out who's the best british band, we all know the Beatles will probably win (DAMN THEM!) but it may be worth voting for the Smiths anyway. Or, if you must, anyone else. Just thought I'd let you know.
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    Morrissey fantasy thread

    As suggested by Lor...
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    For the Gmex gig on the 22nd, we're trying to decide when to get there... the doors open at 6:30, but presumably nothing actually starts until about 9, so when do you think we should arrive to start queuing etc? What does everyone else do? We're aiming for a place somewhere in the middle... what...
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    By Grand Central Station I sat down and Wept

    I'm thinking about getting this for one of my (entirely secular) christmas presents. Has anybody read it? From internet reviews (terribly unreliable things) I can't decide whether it's genius, or incomprehensible drivel. Any comments?
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    Us People

    As everyone else seems very willing to slag us off, either for being mopey, miserable obsessive morrissey fans, or for not being big enough fans, I thought we ought to do a little self-deprication thread, you know, what is actually wrong with us, in our own opinions, I mean, let's face it, we...
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    The Wrong Boy

    I wasn't sure if anyone else had already posted anything similar, or where I should have put it, but I decided to put it here anyway. I have just finished reading Willie Russell's 'The Wrong Boy', a book written entirely as letters to Morrissey. Has anyone else read it? What did you think?
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    V festival

    Has Moz already been on? I've been out and only just come back (about 4 o'clock) have I missed him?
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