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  1. Uncleskinny

    Bradford FB: "Skin Storm '21" - due May 18, 2021

    You know who wrote this, don't you?
  2. Uncleskinny

    Predict the title of Morrissey's next album

    "Refugees - again?"
  3. Uncleskinny

    Morrissey/Smiths short story

    English, you say? Hmmm...
  4. Uncleskinny

    New article on Anne-Marie Waters

    From HnH. No editorializing, just pure 100% fact. So read up on the lady Morrissey wants you to vote for, and whom he finds 'funny'
  5. Uncleskinny

    Mporium (UK & US) new pre-order shirts available

    Couldn't they find more recent pictures to use? It's almost if the 'current' Morrissey doesn't sell
  6. Uncleskinny

    For Britain YT: "We're proud to stand with Morrissey" (April 20, 2021)

    It's always you, isn't it, Andrea?
  7. Uncleskinny

    Morrissey Central "The World Will Listen" (April 22, 2021)

    Moan, moan, f***ing moan. He should shut up. Has he forgotten how Morrissey himself described Julie Burchill and Gail Shea? Is criticism only valid when it's against his paymaster? And why focus on this particular aspect, I wonder? Why focus on how those satirists were meanies, when they said...
  8. Uncleskinny

    Johnny Marr acoustic performance ~ BrewDog Virtual AGM 10th April 2021

    New Town Velocity is one of his very best songs. Gorgeous.
  9. Uncleskinny

    Morrissey Central "PEOPLE POWER" (April 25, 2021)

    Scamdemic. f***ing hell. This bellend should go to India for a day.
  10. Uncleskinny

    Morrissey Central "MORRISSEY BLOOD, MORRISSEY HEART" (April 26, 2021)

    Google alerts on refresh. The thinnest of references...
  11. Uncleskinny

    Morrissey Central "PEOPLE POWER" (April 25, 2021)

    Well there you go. A confederacy of idiots. Dangerous, ignorant, disease-spreading idiots.
  12. Uncleskinny

    Morrissey Central "PEOPLE POWER" (April 25, 2021)

    Ah yes, the London idiots equating having to wear a mask with being murdered by the Nazis. f*** them. f*** them all.
  13. Uncleskinny

    Morrissey Central "HELLO HELL" (April 19, 2021)

    "Everyone reacts to being mocked in different ways, but whining about how you want to sue to silence people, while simultaneously claiming there’s no more free speech seems dumber than most options out there." Yup.
  14. Uncleskinny

    "I don't bless them" QID intro meaning?

    I think of more importance to the song's message is the other 'hidden' lyric of "All those lies about make-up and long hair - they're still there", which is the true meaning of the song - the ditching of gay effeminacy, but wrapped up in a secondary, more prominent narrative
  15. Uncleskinny

    Morrissey Central "Thwack!!" (April 25, 2021)

    Well indeed. The human centipede.
  16. Uncleskinny

    Morrissey Central "Thwack!!" (April 25, 2021)

    Oh gawd. Let's cut to the chase here. As I've mentioned so, so many times, it's the money that counts. What else matters in Morrissey's world? Being in the media? Not helping. Selling records? Well, that's not happening. Touring - well, it could, and that's how he makes money, but his paying...
  17. Uncleskinny

    For Britain YT: "We're proud to stand with Morrissey" (April 20, 2021)

    I'm watching this. It's hilarious. "Go find some evidence to back up your claim" "OK, here it is.." "Errrr, I'm not sure that you, errr..."
  18. Uncleskinny "How Morrissey Ruined Morrissey" (April 20, 2021)

    Newsflash. He doesn't give a shit about you. Only your money.
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