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    Southpaw Grammar 12x12 booklet

    Hi guys, Don't suppose anyone has a copy of the booklet going do they?
  2. Etc

    Warning! Seetickets have cancelled my order.

    Hi all. Just to let you know See tickets have cancelled my tickets for the 22nd. This is not the first time they have done this to me. When I ordered Smashing Pumpkins tickets last year they cancelled the order. They state it because of one of the following reasons: an invalid card number was...
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    Facebook Group

    Hey guys, I have started a Facebook group for us goonies going to London, please feel free to join. :) search for 'Morrissey - Camden Roundhouse - All dates' Take care guys, see you soon.
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    Req: B sides + Unreleased album

    :confused: Hi guys, does anybody have this album? The front cover of the cd is Morrissey, Alain, and Gary stood in Albert Sqaure? I have been after this album for a while now and cannot find it anywhere :( If anyone has it and can upload it I will be so happy Thanks a lot to you all...
  5. Etc

    The Smiths 1986 Sound Check

    Hi all, hope your all OK? I have this album and wondered if anybody would like me to upload it? Track list as follows: The boy with the thorn in his side Asleep Unloveable Purple Haze Ask There is a light Untitled warm up How Soon Is Now Hand in Glove Panic also on the album...
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    Req: You Must Please Remember mp3

    Hello fellow Morrissey fans, hope everybody is OK? Has anybody got this mp3 that they could kindly upload? I have searched the fourms and the links seem to have expired :( I havent really got much to offer in return, only mp3's that many of you will already own. You may not have heard...
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    The Smiths - Under Review DVD

    Hi there, I accidently ordered this DVD twice from So have one for sale. Save putting it on an auction site, would anybody here like it? I've watched a bit of it and it is really good. Let me know. I bought it for £9.99 - so will sell it for £7.00 - and £1.50 postage. ;)...
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    I Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong

    Evening, I dont know if many over you own this track/outtake, but if you dont - have a listen. All the best :)
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    Pasolini is me DVD

    Hi there I have just purchased this DVD. Appears to be from the Rock AM gig. States it is factory pressed and in a digi pak - anybody else got it or heard of it? If so is it good quaity? My first post here, after months of registration problems lol, so hi all! :)
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