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  1. Joe90

    Please sum up the Morrissey controversy

    Critics have labelled Morrissey as "racist" but he has denied this. He has given support to the For Britain Movement led by ex-UKIP leadership candidate Anne Marie Waters, and wore one of their badges. For Britain have ethnic minority members but are anti-Islam. Personally speaking I am against...
  2. Joe90

    Smiths tribute night axed over Morrissey's politics - Birmingham Live

    "Just to clear things up. The night has finished at Eden because of dwindling numbers. The owners have been amazing to us! We stand with Morrissey every step of the way. We are "tired" of the mainstream bullshit slurs when our night was and will be in the future about the music! Have a fab...
  3. Joe90

    Smiths tribute night axed over Morrissey's politics - Birmingham Live

    THE SMYTHS are still playing the big Birmingham O2 Academy venue this December. Good for them. I'm thinking of going to their London 100 Club gig this month and Putney & Brighton in September.
  4. Joe90

    Smiths tribute night axed over Morrissey's politics - Birmingham Live

    Smiths tribute night axed as organisers tire of defending Morrissey's politics - Birmingham Live Dwindling crowds at Panic on the Streets of Birmingham at Eden Bar Quote: "A Birmingham (UK) tribute night dedicated to The Smiths has been axed - after organisers grew tired of defending...
  5. Joe90

    Right-wing English magazine comes out for Morrissey

    The right-wing magazine "Heritage and Destiny" (formerly the journal of the England First Party) has published a full page Editorial by former EFP councillor Mark Cotterill in its July/August 2019 issue (No. 91) supporting Morrissey. You can get an idea of the kind of views this publication...
  6. Joe90

    W Festival August 2019: The Stranglers, Killing Joke, New Model Army, Peter Hook and the Light

    What a BRILLIANT LINE-UP!! NOTE: Blondie has pulled out and is no longer playing. Maybe get Siouxsie to headline - now that would be great! Bands are still being confirmed and will be added to the bill in the coming months.
  7. Joe90

    Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke): "I Hunt and Kill Animals for Pleasure" (Dark Humour or Serious?)

    Well Moz and Jaz have something in common at least i.e. BIG MOUTH STRIKES AGAIN Jaz (1983): "We're fed up of seeing male slags and f*****s getting respect on the streets" Jaz's rant against Bono of U2 and Bob Geldof of the Boomtown Rats:
  8. Joe90

    Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke): "I Hunt and Kill Animals for Pleasure" (Dark Humour or Serious?)

    Killing Joke are in the midst of their 40th Anniversary 2018 World Tour 'Laugh At Your Peril' which includes the USA, South America, Europe, England and Scotland. Morrissey saw the band play in LA back in 2008. Here is a thread and discussion on 'The Gathering' KJ fans mailing list concerning...
  9. Joe90

    The World Cup Thread

    We could do with cheering up...
  10. Joe90

    We Need To Talk About Morrissey - Study Breaks

    A counter-viewpoint to the article: Jo Whitfield Odd. You didn't mention the 3 consecutive nights of Smiths/Morrissey parties that took place in Manchester that weekend. Or that Haslam's event was poorly attended. Or that Salford Lad's Club had extended opening times that weekend to welcome...
  11. Joe90

    We Need To Talk About Morrissey - Study Breaks

    By Jen Tombs, University of Warwick July 13, 2018 Excerpt: "In recent years, the former flower-toting lead singer of the the Smiths has become increasingly racist and Islamophobic. I personally have always been a big fan of the Smiths, mostly because of their lyrics — all written by...
  12. Joe90

    Johnny Marr slams "Classically Smiths" in Mojo interview

    "In a new interview with Mojo, Johnny Marr shared some harsh words on this year’s planned (and imminently canceled) “Classically Smiths” reunion shows, as fan site Morrissey-Solo points out."
  13. Joe90

    How much money has Moz actually made? 2018

    The Daily Mail says Morrissey's net worth is $50 million:
  14. Joe90

    "Ant-Man and the Wasp’s" director (Peyton Reed) on half-size Paul Rudd & Morrissey references

    Crikey, You are on the ball as always FWD, you beat me to it by a few mins!
  15. Joe90

    Marvel Studios (Morrissey mentioned in Ant-Man & the Wasp trailer) - Morrissey Central

    In other news:
  16. Joe90

    He’s being a bit of a… Tim Booth calls out Morrissey amid far-right support claims - Echo

    That photo of Tim Booth with the goatee beard and shaven head makes him look a bit like the villains Ming from Flash Gordon or Anton LaVey...
  17. Joe90

    Love Music Hate Racism by Fiona Dodwell - Tremr

    Interesting video and debate. Garvey says he is a 'Black Nationalist-Pan Africanist' (like the more famous historical Marcus Garvey who led the Universal Negro Improvement Association and the 'Back-to-Africa Movement') and that he has been called a 'racist' but I guess if someone said they were...
  18. Joe90

    This is Morrissey: An Interview by Fiona Dodwell - Tremr

    The next electoral test for the Morrissey-backed For Britain Movement is the Lewisham East parliamentary by-election on 14th June 2018 where their leader Anne Marie Waters is standing to become a UK Member of Parliament (she previously stood in Lewisham East for UKIP in the 2015 General Election...
  19. Joe90

    Morrissey Central - Please Support (Animal Rights) Animal Rights groups and causes dear to Morrissey's heart and ours: PETA MERCY FOR ANIMALS Sea Shepherd Global Hunt Saboteurs Association The Gentle Barn...
  20. Joe90

    Morrissey: The Great Unfiltered Artist? by Fiona Dodwell -

    Excerpt: Fiona Dodwell Politics Morrissey: The Great Unfiltered Artist? 1,098 words (4 mins) WHEN Morrissey released Low in High School in November 2017 - his eleventh solo studio album - fans were eager to uncover the artist's latest musical venture. Lyrically, Morrissey has always...
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