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    Any more fans of....on this board?

    '60s/'70s Gentle Giant Peter Hammill/VdGG Melanie (Safka) '80s-'90s Sidi Bou Said '90s/'00s Aesma Daeva Miranda Sex Garden Legend (of Triple Aspect fame)
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    Is the Pulp reunion turning out to be a big wasted opportunity?

    I mean, there must be many of us who don't really care if Jarvis never performs the His 'n Hers/Different Class repertoire again...but would walk 500 miles to hear two hours of highlights from Freaks, Masters, Hardcore and We Love Life (maybe with a few of those early obscure songs like Maureen...
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    The other Anne Clark

    i.e: not St Vincent (who may just be a genius) but the poet/electronic musician (who is "talented but often misguided"). Anyone else on this site familiar with her - or even a fan? Very slight Moz connection - Vini Reilly co-wrote with her too.
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    Another Melanie fan here

    Well, it makes sense, she and Morrissey have a lot in common. Apart from going by one name with three syllables beginning with M (most of the time) Both are - or were (she's wavered) - vegetarians; and both wrote songs about it (but his was a masterpiece, hers sure wasn't!) Both (staying...
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