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    Joe Dallesandro photo with The Smiths debut album sleeve posted on Facebook

    Joe Dallesandro is a nice man... and no one ever asked his permission to use the photo for the first cover of The Smiths album... because he does not own the rights of the photo...
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    Jake Buggs's

    They should shoot all anonymous responders !!!!
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    Jake Buggs's

    I like Jake he is so great saw him now 2 times live and 2 more gigs coming up for me !!
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    Blur request!

    the complete audio for 'in concert' and '6 music' gigs this track Trimm Trabb was not working so here it is too >>
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    Jesse has improved as a guitarist. Agreed?

    Jesse is great guitarplayer and really a nice guy !!!
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    San Diego, CA - Valley View Casino Center (May 22, 2012) post-show

    Stage invasions are boring and from the past...also giving flowers.....please stop it....:(
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    Instant Karma

    I love this song !!! and there are 2 clips of it...and he sings live with a backing tape !!! :)
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    Exhibition of album covers 'created' by Andy Warhol - 2 Smiths sleeves included

    Joe Dallesandro NEVER did get money or did give permission for his picture to be used as a coverstar on The Smiths album but in fact the owner is Paul Morrissey it's a still of his movie.....
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    N Gallagher's solo album - yes or no?

    A number one in the album charts !!! i love the album and happy that twat singer of Oasis is gone ! Noel was the real brain !!!
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    Copenhagen - Operaen (July 11, 2011) post-show

    If i would be David i would close this site there would not be any promotion for Morrissey be done...and when Morrissey was out the news and living in LA this site was still going helped to get Morrissey in the spotlight again....and one thing is i would ban all anonymous...
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    Did anyone record Bradford?

    Re: bradford 2011 again! Yes it's ok now it works can play it on mediaplayer etc !! THANKS !!!!
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    Morrissey does not wear shoes by Deux Souliers -

    OK yes right well at least it did get his attention and it's removed !! and well it's only a pair of shoes !! but that company is to blame for everything....
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    "Morrissey by DS" - line of shoes by Deux Souliers

    OK well that company is to blame for everything ! but the shoes are gone.....
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    Did anyone record Bradford?

    Re: bradford 2011 (audio) Thanks but i can download etc but the mp3 files gives all a error ??? impossible to play or to convert ???
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    plymouth 2011 (audio)

    Thanks Again !!! :)
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    hop farm, kent 2011 (audio)

    Thank You Very Much !!!!
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    "Morrissey by DS" - line of shoes by Deux Souliers

    To me they look like Beatle boots !!
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    "Morrissey by DS" - line of shoes by Deux Souliers

    Update July 4, 2011 7:50AM PT: Morrissey does not wear shoes by Deux Souliers - Link posted by Christ in a previous story: Morrissey by DS - Deux Souliers Morrissey is wearing Deux Souliers for his next European tour. The underground rock singer and composer...
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    Angelo Galasso shirts worn by Morrissey on 2011 tour

    And what about the shoes ??? vegan shoes ?? Morrissey boots looks like the old Beatle boots to me !!!
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    Back To The Old House - The Smiths' Scottish Tour 1985

    Thanks !!! fantastic !!! i started being a Smiths fan in 1985 !!!
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