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  1. marisela

    Morrissey Central "BMG DUMP MORRISSEY" (November 16, 2020)

    How terribly unprofessional this Crew must be! Do they even know how to play the freakin game!?! Communication is key.. both ways. : ( Uggg Any which Way, Morrissey you will Write again Morrissey you will Sing again Morrissey you have more talent in one finger. Morrissey you can play the...
  2. marisela

    Morrissey's (?) cat died today

    So beautiful! The violin is my favorite instrument.. I melted listened to it just now. If Morrissey listened listened well....I'm sure he loved it.
  3. marisela

    Morrissey's (?) cat died today

    My deep Condolences to you Steven Patrick Morrissey. I understand to lose a loved one. Wow! This to shall pass, But NEVER forgotten! : ) Hugs* x to you today.
  4. marisela

    "The light has gone out – it's time we stopped giving Morrissey attention" by Fiona Sturges

    Shes really Laughable Ah haha haha ha haha h haha oh ohwhoa!!! Why would she have such animosity if its was because out of desperation to have any sort of propaganda . Reminds me of a Bitch I have seen once to many times. Creates a scene in order to get away with a simple amount of Attention...
  5. marisela

    Rapper Jake Hill cancels gig after refusing to 'bow down' to Morrissey meat ban at venue

    If I wanted the Gig I would have obliged.. I mean it was not going to kill him not to eat meat for a night.. HIS bad . He could have even joked about it. He just could not....Respect is the word. But No! He had to make a big deal about it. Now it's all propaganda. WE KNOW! He THINKS HE KNOWS...
  6. marisela

    "Dear Morrissey: You're dumped mate" by Kylie Klein-Nixon -

    Oh it is Not about the way she words her thoughts.. Far from it.. After all the work this human being did . I still respect Morrissey for all the work he has done Present or past. I may not be a full blown fan having Morrisseys songs in my head and coming out of my mouth. But I can only be...
  7. marisela

    The Killers and Johnny Marr perform "This Charming Man" on Glastonbury

    Yes a bit fast Indeed! Lol Oh well. Goes to show The beauty and that spark that made them famous. Was indeed the Smiths! I can always tell when its Johnny playing guitar in any song. He truly is unique. And Well Morrissey.. You still got it to Babe! Truly!
  8. marisela

    The world's oldest music store Spillers Records bans Morrissey albums

    Whatever... As Morrissey once said.. " Its really laughable ah hahahahahahahahahaha oh oh ohhhh"
  9. marisela

    The world's oldest music store Spillers Records bans Morrissey albums

    Uggg you believe that about MJ?? You best get your facts right. I Love loved MJ!
  10. marisela

    "I Thought You Were Dead" Ltd T-shirt - Mporium / Morrissey Official FB

    Morrissey you and I are so much alike. Yellow roses... I also see death being yellow. Life is good! Love your life! Truly! Thumbs up!!!; ) I'm going to get the dark beige. . Marisela
  11. marisela

    Yes, just me

    I fell to sleep so early. 6. I woke up at 10..I feel sad, strangely upset , bitter because of trying to understand people like Dolores O Riordan... Excetera... "Maybe it is all just heartburn!" Dead.. Yes, She is dead at 46 yrs of age!!! Crazy! how lives we set in front of our eyes ears...
  12. marisela

    Morrissey-solo 20 years old today (Feb. 12, 2017)

    Happy Birthday Morrissey Solo. I truly had a memorable time for many years shared many wonderful times here. Met countless people who came and gone. I wish you another 20 years of unhappy birthdays! : )
  13. marisela

    it's not unusual to be loved by anyone!?!

    Tom Jone!? Okayyyy :squiffy:
  14. marisela

    Still hard to believe.. Hoping you are well and smiling Kali !

    Still hard to believe.. Hoping you are well and smiling Kali !
  15. marisela

    Morrissey Q&A: Moz Discusses New Music, the Beatles and the Danger of Hospital Food (Billboard)

    Indeed! You should always "judge" a book by it' cover. To the point. But!!! Be flexible. It may help the Ulcer.;)
  16. marisela

    Morrissey statement on South America tour, food poisoning at TTY: "See the luck I've had"

    so sad to hear you fell Ill food poisening is terrible! Ouch, the pains! Wishing you a speedy recovery, Argentina Awaits! ox:sick:
  17. marisela

    Morrissey Brazil dates confirmed -

    Aw makes me think about Bloke In Blue (Rodrigo)<3 ...:( He lived in Brazil. Morrissey Must be playing or getting ready just about now. Sing your life Morrissey!
  18. marisela

    Johnny Marr plays ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again’ on Later with Jools Holland

    I enjoy Johnny Marr very very much.. But I have to admit.. I Love! him playing his guitar always will always have , I can hear him in all his his work he has done with other bands... The drummer rocks! If Morrissey was singing It would be Maybe Maybe Deja vu.. But hey mor power to Johnny Marr...
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