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  1. sycophantic_slag

    Omega Auctions: October auction results (October 6, 2020)

    "We" refers to us followers of this site. I don't speak for anyone but myself. I simply asked as question, as the auction(s) have ended. There is no more bidding. I don't understand how this news item is a headline on this site. I have no view to share with the world, just a question, to...
  2. sycophantic_slag

    Omega Auctions: October auction results (October 6, 2020)

    Why do we need this information? The items are extremely rare and worth a lot (?), but I don't see a need for a list. Most fans can't afford these items anyhow, and the authenticity doesn't seem to be clearly available.
  3. sycophantic_slag

    Morrissey Central "BORN SORRY" (August 19, 2020)

    He is entitled to grieve, and we must respect his words as part of that entitlement.
  4. sycophantic_slag

    Morrissey Central "ELIZABETH ANNE DWYER" (August 8, 2020)

    All of my prayers for Elizabeth, for a speedy recovery!
  5. sycophantic_slag

    Billie Joe Armstrong on recording with Morrissey

    UM.... Greenday is as punk as Celine Dion is. They are corporate poseurs, and their music SUCKS.
  6. sycophantic_slag

    "My minor role in Morrissey’s latest outburst" by Joshua Surtees - The Guardian

    UM... GQ is not a "well-respected" magazine! Total trash journalism, and a joke.
  7. sycophantic_slag

    Morrissey Central: Blue Rondo A La Turk

    This band is fascinating... but I'm honestly wondering what Morrissey would have to say about The Housemartins and Curiosity Killed the Cat. Any thoughts? For the record, I can't imagine The Smiths opening for Sisters of Mercy.
  8. sycophantic_slag

    "California Son" track listing posted on Morrissey Central

    This is amazing!!! My only wish would be a Nico cover.
  9. sycophantic_slag

    "St. Even" - Kristeen Young posted Morrissey inspired song lyrics

    These lyrics are horrible. What do you call them? Revenge lyrics? This song will not help her career. As a side note: The lyrics seem to be written by an 8th grader.
  10. sycophantic_slag

    Holy grail of unreleased songs

    Hello, is there a way I can find/purchase/download the NHS? Thanks for your help and time.
  11. sycophantic_slag

    New Morrissey interview mentions Bowie, start of new album entirely of covers (12 songs) - Infobae

    I think an album of covers is brilliant. I am hoping for a Jobriath cover... but which song would it be?
  12. sycophantic_slag

    Morrissey: "Current feminism does not help our societies and makes masculinism retaliate" - Culto

    Morrissey is sadly correct. Much of current feminism is complicit with capitalism, which hurts everyone. It is time for more feminists to embrace a stance for healthy ecosystems and Marxist thought. This might be described best by the term matrifocality.
  13. sycophantic_slag

    Morrissey interview in Esquire (Poland)

    Speaking of Public Enemy, I was impressed when The Sisters of Mercy attempted a tour with them. Due to lack of support, the tour flopped. This leads me to ask Morrissey's opinion of The Sisters.
  14. sycophantic_slag

    Photo of Jake Walters mid-90's by Morrissey

    In this photo, the subject is not actually Jake but truly the ideal of androgyny.
  15. sycophantic_slag

    Alain's recollections of "Our Frank"

    But why did Alain get a pink slip? What was his crime, so to speak--besides getting ill?
  16. sycophantic_slag

    Alain's recollections of "Our Frank"

    Why aren't Alain and Morrissey still collaborating? I know Alain had fallen ill, but he is an amazing musician!
  17. sycophantic_slag

    dünya dinlemiyor - Smiths karoake project by Phil Collins (2005, part 2: Istanbul) on YouTube

    I abhor Phil Collins for so many reasons. His voice is simply awful, and his talent as a drummer is mediocre. He wanted to be an "everyday man" pop hero, then he bawked for a role on "Miami Vice." Truly dreadful. He represents everything cheap and awful about Britain. "In the Air Tonight"...
  18. sycophantic_slag

    Smashing Pumpkins Member Reveals Why Morrissey Lost ‘Grandeur’ Of Smiths - Alternative Nation

    I think Chamberlin is projecting, here. Morrissey has lost no grandeur. One listen to Viva Hate or Vauxhall and I confirms this. On the other hand, the Pumpkins' tragedy--along with the demise of so-called "alternative music"--destroyed the Pumpkins almost completely. Especially when D'Arcy...
  19. sycophantic_slag

    'Morrissey, we're through' by Cameron Cook - article at Noisey

    I don't feel the Baldwin t-shirt is racist at all. Morrissey has inspired countless many to READ BOOKS and become literate. Let me explain... As a result of my devotion to Morrissey, I went BACK to school to receive a graduate degree (M.A.) in English with a focus on English literature. I...
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