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  1. neurolempicka

    Favourite clichéd Morrissey fan?

    I don't know that many, but I'll try. figure skaters David Cameron (that was an embarassing mistake)
  2. neurolempicka

    I know this is a lot to ask for - but is anything happening in Norway?

    I'm in Oslo. Are there any Smiths parties happening?
  3. neurolempicka

    Most Sexual Morrissey/Smiths song?

    ... and you're like, "augh, why is this man playing games with me by pretending to be asexual?"
  4. neurolempicka

    What's your favourite Magazine album?

    Real Life is only good songs. But The Correct Use Of Soap has the highlights of the band's career. List your favourite song too, if you like. Any comments on this wonderful band are welcome.
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