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  1. speedfreaks ball

    roys keen

    whats the true meaning behind this song and its lyrics? surely it cant be as simple as a song about an over enthusiastic window cleaner or can it?
  2. speedfreaks ball

    things you think morrissey has never done- that most ordinary men have

    been on a stag night? ridden a motorbike? d.i.y? gone fishing? played golf? might be wrong about some of the above but cant imagine morrissey doing any of the above, feel free to correct me or add other things you think might be on the list?
  3. speedfreaks ball

    who would win stare out contest between morrissey and darts legend eric bristow?

    mmmmmmmmm interesting, my money would be on the crafty cockney (not trolling-just lets have a bit of humour in all this recent load of bollocks)
  4. speedfreaks ball

    omg i have just visited all u need is moz -scary stuff!

    i didnt bother to register as i thought all my details may be directed straight to north korea after reading the 1st page! is this place for real?
  5. speedfreaks ball

    why doesnt morrissey set up his own record label?

    hes a multi multi millionaire, if he really cares about the music industry why not? how hard can it be? or buy the rights to an old one?
  6. speedfreaks ball

    morrissey- buy a belt!

    then u wont be constantly hitching your breeches up at the back during gigs-just a thought.
  7. speedfreaks ball

    whats happened to boy racer?

    played as the opener in scotland at the begining of the tour, was expecting him to alternate it with i want the one..... sounds great on you tube? are the band struggling with it?
  8. speedfreaks ball

    2 leeds tickets for sale standing

    from seetickets with booking fee and cancelation insurance its cost me £80 so just cover that and there yours
  9. speedfreaks ball

    has morrissey become deluded?

    with his own importance? was thinking this even before the t-shirt incident, he seems to crave the adoration of the crowd more than ever days, maybe thats the empty void left by never having kids he is trying to fill. i dont think he is coping very well with the loss of his looks and figure...
  10. speedfreaks ball

    do the la las and na nas in" the kids a looker" reprisent.......

    the talentless kid having nothing to say?
  11. speedfreaks ball

    anything in this?

    having supplied a link to a psycho/rockabilly station (bazooka radio) in other music, someone calling themselves "morrissey" (uncontactable) left a message on the comments part (left hand side of the radio player) saying song added to pre tape-will be interesting to...
  12. speedfreaks ball

    bazooka radio station

    any other listeners here? wild psycho and rockabilly-proper stuff
  13. speedfreaks ball

    whos alma?

    the matters is double t so nowt to do with latin or greek so is it alma from corrie?
  14. speedfreaks ball

    how will morrissey die?

    accident boredom suicide heart attack cancer assasination old age alzhiemers in battle
  15. speedfreaks ball

    ebay swamped with tickets already

    while the genuine fan goes without- its a f***in joke
  16. speedfreaks ball

    shotgun wedding -roy c

    can any kind soul upload this track? its proving harder to find than the holy grail -thanks
  17. speedfreaks ball

    its times like these

    please add
  18. speedfreaks ball


    your nephew is true and he thinks theworld of you, was that written after watching herbie hide in the 90s?
  19. speedfreaks ball

    its time to leave the site- thanks to everyone x

    too many trolls on this new brown only site, pilkington robby , spoilers galore-- if u only knew the truth.
  20. speedfreaks ball


    if its even called that now? seems to be just a giant vehicle for ghastly presenters huge egos one after the other.
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