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  1. Harry

    Alternate versions of songs

    Thank you very much, Kuiper. Harry
  2. Harry

    Alternate versions of songs

    Would somebody be able to re-upload the studio version of 'Jack the Ripper'? Thank you my lovelies, Harry
  3. Harry

    Morrissey speech therapy?

    Bit of a newbie fan, me, and I've been trawling through YouTube to find interviews old and new to find out more about the great man. One thing that has struck me is how bad Morrissey's speech was in the early years. He had a very pronounced lisp and an obvious underbite, which looks...
  4. Harry

    Does Morrissey eat cheese?

    Am I right in thinking it's quite easy to find vegetarian cheese? Moz is living proof that vegetarians are not in any way starved of the nutrients they need, he looks healthy and, now that he's moved to Rome, very well fed! What would one eat in Rome if one was vegetarian? Harry
  5. Harry

    Morrissey : The Albums - Johnny Rogan

    I bought this book last week, mainly because I wanted to get more of a feeling of where each Smiths/Morrissey album and song fits into the canon. I was hoping to get an idea of some of the meanings behind lyrics, and also some musical discussion. I find Rogan to be too opinionated, which...
  6. Harry

    pet shop boys

    I've been a massive Pet Shop Boys fan (we're called Petheads, apparently) since I was nine years old. My whole understanding of pop music has grown from them. Harry
  7. Harry

    Morrissey - ?questionable?

    That would make a great album title, for a greatest hits compilation. 'Morrissey - Questionable'. Harry
  8. Harry

    Desktop wallpapers, anyone?

    It's Sunday, I'm bored and I'm sorry for the crap thread, but I've only been able to find two desktop wallpapers of Il Mozzalini on the web. Have any of you found any nice ones or made any yourself? Harry
  9. Harry

    When did he calm down??

    Being more stately suits his age and his music now. I agree that it's much better that he ages gracefully... I also think he dresses better now. He's of a type who look better the older they get. I remember him saying in an interview that he wasn't scared by getting older, it seems he's...
  10. Harry

    Manchester G-Mex, fri 22nd. Some Pics..

    Thank you Rank, they're great photos. Harry
  11. Harry

    How and when have you discovered Smiths/Moz music?

    I was aware of Morrissey from about 2004. I hadn't really heard much of his stuff, but of course had heard a few Smiths classics on the radio and TV. I got into the Smiths when I heard 'How soon is now?' on Signal 1 Radio in Stoke in 2005. It seemed to go so well with the rainy drive I was...
  12. Harry

    Live In Zagreb, Croatia 2006 ¡

    Thank you very much, Mozfather Chile and Unrulyboy. Harry
  13. Harry

    What is your favorite sleeve of the Quarry / ROTT era?

    It's a close call, but I voted for 'Ringleader of the Tormentors', because it's such an accurate pastiche, and Il Mozzalini looks amazing in the picture. I love the whole branding idea of this album and its related singles, with the 'M' crest and the lovely font. Finally Morrissey realises the...
  14. Harry

    XFM interview Dec 6 2006

    Thank you very much, Boy Afraid Liverpool. I missed it this morning! Harry
  15. Harry


    Funnily enough, I listened to 'Asleep' for the first time last night, having just bought 'Louder than Bombs'. I thought it was a lovely song about going to sleep, which was appropriate as I was in bed, but then it dawned on me what it is about. I think it's a very moving and quietly shocking...
  16. Harry

    seetickets still haven't sent my tickets! anyone else STILL waiting?!

    I'm waiting for Wembley tickets from Double Eight, but I suppose that's not unreasonable. Harry
  17. Harry

    "I just want to see the Boy happy" s' review

    I don't think it's a very good choice for the final single, I think that should have been 'To me you are a work of art', which seems much more radio-friendly to me. It's look much better sung live on television as well. I don't think '...boy happy' is sufficently immediate. Harry PS: This is...
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