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    Signed Vinyl for sale on ebay

    The HIG looks genuine to me also but the Ask doesn't look right. The Morrissey text looks too laboured and whoever wrote it was concentrating too hard in copying Morrissey's handwriting. Shame to ruin a great sleeve though
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    The smiths-ask-mega rare 12" usa test pressing mint I could find 3 entries. Hope these help
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    The Smiths - Free Trade Hall 1986 - Placard? There's a picture here of both placards used in TQID tour. Hope this helps.
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    I recall this seller used to regularly sell signed items on Ebay. They once advertised a signed Who Lp by the original line up including Keith Moon. On querying this with them, it turned out to be a re issue released after Keith Moons death.:rolleyes: Anybody can invent a fake COA using a...
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    Anyone with a computer can make a COA which makes them worthless. They are all without doubt all fake signatures. By any chance did you buy it from a German seller called Bookwood on Ebay?
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    Dream Pop and Shoegaze

    Try these: Ride Wild Nothing Cocteau Twins The Radio Dept Tamaryn Helios Engineers The Echelon Effect A Dancing Beggar :guitar:
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    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    Came out in the Uk just after Christmas, if thats any help.
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    The Smiths - Reeling Around The Fountain
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    Smiths Complete question

    The original version of This Charming Man isnt available on any of the Lps (only the Peel session version on Hatful of Hollow), whereas How Soon Is Now appears on Hatful of Hollow aswell. Removing TCM from the debut lp would mean it wouldnt appear on the boxset at all (if this makes sense...
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    New bootleg box set ? Details are here, (theres no music\video that isnt readily available elsewhere) Hope this helps
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    Few items on ebay

    Your words not mine.See post # 15.
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    Few items on ebay

    What, so i can bid against one of your shill bidding friends. I think not :crazy:
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    The Cure at Bestival: Roger O’Donnell rejoins band for 32-song set (photo, setlist)

    Re: The Cure at Bestival: Roger O’Donnell rejoins band for 32-song set (photo, setlis
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    Morrissey frame/posters

    Ikea have cheap poster frames if that helps.
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    How much should I pay for a Jack The Ripper 7" promo?
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    Fake promo poster

    And these aswell. Half the listing text is identical to the posters sold two weeks ago:confused:
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    Collecting "Viva Hate" [original edition]

    Excellent work again, another eye opening entry to this fascinating series.:thumb:
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    what do you think...

    I'm 99% sure that these posters and the artwork have all been listed before by another seller under a different name. Can anyone else remember them?:confused:
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