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    Old tour programme scans

    Hello everyone. Haven’t been here in a long time.. hoping anyone can give me a little help. Anyhow, I’ve been looking for scans of programmes. anyone know where I can find good scans of kill and your arsenal tour programmes? I have the books themselves but most of my belongings are put away...
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    "Kiss Me A Lot" CDR promo lists impact date of Sep. 8

    There's one on eBay that I'm sure will sell for a ridiculous amount..
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    1 GA ticket for LA sports arena

    Hello everyone. I have a spare GA ticket for the May 10 show. I'm not trying to make a profit here just selling it face value plus usps priority shipping. I'm asking $110 for it. It's an actual ticketmaster ticket, not an e-ticket or print out. I can post a photo of it upon request. PM...
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    Fellow collectors

    it kills me writing this but i was recently burglarized and had many of my music items stolen/lost/etc... if any of you know someone selling smiths/morrissey/cure and various 50s/elvis items please let me know. i am not talking about common items, i'd like to believe that i had 'rare'...
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    Looking for polo shirt from this tour..

    Hello everyone. Like the title states looking for the morrissey polo shirt from this tour. XL in size. It is to be an x-mas present to a fellow fan/collector from south america. They go for $40. I can give you $50, plus i'll throw in some goodies in there as a thank you. People that have...
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    Selling off every japanese issue

    hello. i am now selling every japan CD issue ever released. from the tokuma debut to the sounds of the smiths. every issue comes with an obi and is either sealed, a promo, or mint and never played. i will post a pic shortly of everything. i thought i'd let you guys here buy some before...
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    A few items up on fleabay

    afternoon everyone. posted up a few items to get the ball rollin again... (will be putting up about 45 smiths japanese items in some days). cheers. :guitar:
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    Selling about 75 items on fleabay

    hello everyone. i put up a few items the other day on the fleabay. if anyone is interested... :blushing:
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    looking for fellow collector

    looking for longtime collector Scott Shelley. If anyone knows where i can reach him. i lost all my contacts. apologies for taking up board space. cheers.
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    Smiths promo posters

    howdy everyone. i have been recently purchasing the smiths promo posters(12x24 size) and i am missing a few. anyone know where i can get my hands on the following: what difference does it make this charming man shakespeares sister bigmouth strikes again links? pics? etc etc. i...
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    origination of picture

    hello everyone. while watching the video of everyday is like sunday, morrissey is seen through a telescope towards the end of the video. anyone know where i can find or know where the pic came from? the one on his shirt. thanks.
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    over 150 CDs for sale

    howdy everyone. i have gathered up the last few cds i am parting with. anyone interested email me at: [email protected] if you have questions or would like some pics of the items. :guitar:
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    a few items for sale on fleabay

    howdy everyone. i've decided to part with some spares and not spares. cheers. :guitar:
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    a few items for sale

    hello everyone. i've put up some items on ebay. have a look if you are interested. cheers.
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    selling over 200 CDs Moz/smiths

    off to ebay now.
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    4 bakersfield PIT tickets for sale

    hello everyone. i got 4 extra pit tickets(which my friends flaked out on) for the bakersfield show june 10. i paid $65 for each. anyone interested email me: [email protected] cheers.
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    3 rare smiths promo CDs

    again, email me with offers. thank you. X [email protected]
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    tons of promos for sale!

    hello everyone. i am letting go of most of my promos. here is my list: first of the gang 1 track cdr old english font generic sleeve first of the gang 4 track cdr old english font generic sleeve let me kiss you 2 track cdr pink writing let me kiss you 2 track cdr yellow writing let me...
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    anyone interested?

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    The Music of The Smiths & Morrissey Promo cd set

    hello everyone. i got spare copies of this promo set and i'd rather sell it here before i jump on the ebay bandwagon as well. anyone interested, let me know.
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