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  1. dontplagiarize

    Guilty Pleasures

    My guilty pleasure is shitty pop music.
  2. dontplagiarize

    why are you still alive

  3. dontplagiarize

    What song/s are you obsessed with at the moment

    Senses Working Overtime -XTC
  4. dontplagiarize

    The Pet Peeves Thread

    When my boyfriend is always on his cellphone
  5. dontplagiarize

    Big Brother 11 USA

    Jeff, Kevin, and Lydia are my favs. Ronnie bothers me like none other. I'm addicted to this show bahaah.
  6. dontplagiarize

    Do you know what a "Bro" is?

    you live in the nine bro nine too? god, we are unfortunate souls.
  7. dontplagiarize

    I graduated from highschool on Friday night...

    haha, that was this years song at my school. I graduate next year so hopefully its not something TOO bad.
  8. dontplagiarize

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    I got my wisdom teeth pulled on Monday and i'm tired of eating the same mushy gushy crap. I want real food!!!!!!!!
  9. dontplagiarize

    Juan Gabriel <3

    Wow! I haven't heard Juan Gabriel since I was like 9, (I'm 17 now). My grandma used to play him all the time. She probably still does. juan gabriel and selena were two of my favorites. haha<3<3
  10. dontplagiarize

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    yes you're right, but we just started dating not too long ago. :p I want to get him a little something, but nothing too over the top.
  11. dontplagiarize

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    I don't know what to get my boyfriend for valentines day.
  12. dontplagiarize

    Coachella Poll

    I live 10 minutes away from san bernardino and it doesn't get nearly as hot as indio. who performed at this hip hop festival?
  13. dontplagiarize

    anyone going to coachella?

    I'm attending! :)
  14. dontplagiarize

    Coachella Poll

    You should go! wear tons of sunblock though. I'm very excited, unfortunately my bloody valentine is playing on another day but I only have enough money for one day ;p oh life, such woes.
  15. dontplagiarize

    Vicarinatutugal, happy birthday! :)

    thank you so much everyone!!! :D I didn't think anyone would notice 'cause I don't post here that often but then I realized its on the forum page ;) thank you very much though! made my day<3
  16. dontplagiarize

    cosmo (yes that damn magazine) is ruining my relationship with my girlfriend

    You could try finding a girlfriend who can't read...
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