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  1. GirlAfraid23

    Am I taking my obsession a little too far?

    This is my poor boyfriend :lbf:
  2. GirlAfraid23

    Festival advice

    Going to glastonbury festival at the end of the month and it is my first festival about jumping in at the deep end! Does anyone have any advice? I don't know how much alcohol to bring for example and what kinds of food to bring? Obviously I will buy food there but I don't have...
  3. GirlAfraid23

    Youtube video I discovered - very cute Don't know if its been seen before so apologies if it has! Very cute video. Things to look out for - Morrissey's mistaken name! Johnny and Morrissey singing and playing together, almost like a serenade! Their mirrored body...
  4. GirlAfraid23

    Just need a little advice, dont know if this is appropriate

    Not sure if I should be posting here about this but need some advice anyway...Basically me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex the other morning I am on the pill, but took it a few hours late that I am worried as I am getting constant hunger pangs, even when i've just eaten and...
  5. GirlAfraid23

    A frinky find?

    Sorry if this has already been posted but stumbled across this online?
  6. GirlAfraid23

    Everyone who wants to participate in my dissertation research please click on this!

    I have set out some survey questions to begin with...I would be very grateful if you could all answer these either in here or PM me if you'd are the questions: 1. Do you find listening to particular popular music has any effect on your identity and creation of self, if so how? 2...
  7. GirlAfraid23

    Does anyone experience...

    severe withdrawal symptoms a couple of nights after a moz gig? I'm experiencing them now...badly! I need to see him again! :(
  8. GirlAfraid23

    Overview of Brentwood - An excellent night

    I had the most amazing time in Brentwood last was the strangest venue ever, a swimming pool and gym inside it as it was a leisure centre. I was just constantly thinking this is a very odd venue for Morrissey and wondering what he thought when he drew up outside! I got a lovely tshirt...
  9. GirlAfraid23

    Brentwood 3/11 roll call

    If its still on, whose gonna be there...:)
  10. GirlAfraid23

    Twitter update

    I don't know if this has already been posted but on twitter, Jonathan Ross has updated saying Wossy: Morrissey update. seems OK. I'll check to see how much info I can pass on - but for now DON'T PANIC!! And then two hours ago Wossy Latest Moz update. He is resting and hoping to finish...
  11. GirlAfraid23

    Dissertation - Morrissey fans needed!

    I think I'm in the right place but I'm planning to my dissertation at university this year, on how is an identity created through music and imagined fan communities...I am focusing on Morrissey, the smiths and joy division. I was wondering if any of you would be willing to be participants or at...
  12. GirlAfraid23

    Glastonbury 2010?

    Who reckons Morrissey will be there? Apparently its gonna be their biggest festival so far...
  13. GirlAfraid23

    Has anyone recieved their tickets?

    I sent off for mine about 2 weeks ago and still havent recieved them, whats going on? :( do they normally take this long?
  14. GirlAfraid23

    I feel like a strange person but does anyone else...

    prefer cold wintery type weather to summer and sun?? Because I do! The summer weather makes me feel down and depressed, I have no idea why. Whereas the winter makes me feel happy and cozy and warm I strange?
  15. GirlAfraid23

    Two Standing tickets Royal Albert Hall wanted!

    Anyone? Preferably face value, although I don't mind paying a little extra.
  16. GirlAfraid23

    Would you let...

    Your boyfriend share a hotel room with a woman from his office whilst he was on holiday? Even if they were just friends...and you trusted him
  17. GirlAfraid23

    West Ham vs Millwall

    As some of you might know its the hammers VS the lions in the Carling Cup...I only know this as my boyfriend is a big fan of West Ham and he is thinking of going...I'm worried because they are big rivals and last time there were murders! If anyone knows anything to reassure me or information I...
  18. GirlAfraid23

    Morrissey Lookalike?

    I've been told many times by various people that my boyfriend looks like Moz in his younger years...I'm not sure if I see it myself but just wondered what you guys thought ;) Bit of fun really, just so I can show him :D he really doesn't see it himself so I said I'd post his photo on this...
  19. GirlAfraid23

    Did anyone see...

    The tv documentary last the other half live? I think it was very moving, however I'm not sure if I agree with the message it was giving out...Okay so these people were desperately poor and needed help but through receiving money from a richer family, I don't think it illustrates...
  20. GirlAfraid23

    Madame Tussauds

    Can anyone recommend it? I've never been and may be going there on this is in general and not off-topic because I'd like to ask why there isn't a morrissey waxwork?! its a travesty really! I guess alot of people wouldn't recognise him...because they are ignorant.
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