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    Hollywood Bowl Setlist

    Just looking at the setlist for Hollywood bowl on the front page, this is surely one of the best setlists of Mozz's solo career? Really shows the variety in his canon, mixing some old Smiths favourites, old and more contemporary solo favourites as well as the new stuff which is now really...
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    Jo Brand writing a book about Morrissey fans

    Apologies if its cropped up on here before. Was reading one of those 'Last week I...watched/listened to/read' sections in the media section in The Independent on monday and under the 'Last week I read' section she put "Im writing a book about Morrissey fans at the moment so ive been reading a...
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    Joe Moss

    When did he leave the Smiths entourage? Watching some obscure YouTube video last night (cant find the link now, will recover it when I get home) and Marr said the day 'so-and-so' (obviously Moz) inclined that it was time to get rid of Joe, the implication being it was because he was getting...
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    Advice on mixed CD

    Hello there. Was asked to make a CD by a friend who is interested in The Smiths. Just looking for some advice, based on the ones she has liked thus far, which you think are in similar vain to. She likes Panic and Girlfriend In A Coma. Can you think of any Smiths songs which you think are...
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    Who is off to Brum then?

    How many of you lovely people will be present in the land of the drab then? Coach leaves here (Leeds) pretty early so i'll be the one looking like death warmed up. Went to Apollo and Reading but not since then. How many going then? Anyone been to the NIA before? What's it like?
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    Now My Heart is Full

    This is unquestionably my favourite Morrissey song, I think it's absolutely delightful. However, never have I held a song in such high regard yet at the same time not actually being too sure what it's about! What does Mozz mean when he says his heart is full? For me he sings it with a...
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    Your top 10 Smiths songs?

    Lots of Mozz solo-songs threads (as you'd expect!), but how about you try to do the impossible and try to put Smiths songs in some sort of order or rank! Ok this would be mine: 1. I Know It's Over 2. There Is A Light And It Never Goes Out 3. How Soon Is Now? 4. Asleep 5. Rusholme...
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    The Smiths - Asleep live at soundcheck in 1985

    Apparently only played once ever, at Inverness, when they found a piano they couldnt move. Here is a recording of the soundcheck from that show if you dont have it: Tremendous :) Hope you enjoy.
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    We'll Let You Know and V Festival coverage

    Does anyone have these avaliable for download? If so, eternally grateful!
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    Mozz on Later With Jools Holland

    exciting stuff :) Hopefully he'll get a bit more airtime than he did on Ross. When is it filmed? Anyone going as last time? In the Sky Schedule it says So no Still Ill or Panic I presume :( Didnt he get 4 songs last time? Any playful guesses as to what the setlist might be...
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    There is a light...

    I know it's arguing semantics and I could be made to look foolish but is the official title of the song There Is A Light That Never Goes Out or There Is A Light And It Never Goes Out? Only I presumed it to be the former, and on most websites its listed as such, but the CD has it as 'And it...
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    Kings Lynn - 1 standing face value ticket for sale

    Anyone interested? £29.50 PM me or [email protected] Gunna have to be quick though! Only cheque accepted as payment.
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    The most criminally under-rated song that Mozz/The Smiths ever did? I think it's a delightful little song, musically and lyrically, there are some great bits. "Jeane, the low life has lost its appeal" "Jeane, im not sure what happiness means, but I look in your eyes and I know that it...
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    Question about future UK gigs

    Presumably this goes in here (:o ), but does anyone know how many standing gigs there are left on the UK tour? Cheers.
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    Gilbert O'Sullivan

    I heard 'Alone Again (Naturally)' for the first time the other day (im a whippersnapper in comparison with many on here!) and I think it's the most beautiful thing ive heard in ages, the voice, the perfectly crafted lyrics, the delicate guitar in the background. Has anyone else heard it and...
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    FAO Anyone with knowledge of the Manchester area

    Would you be kind enough to give me a rough estimation as to how long it would take to get from Chorlton Street to Stockport Road, where the Apollo gig is? By taxi I mean, or walking if its reasonably close, but im guessing its not? Thanks kindly in advance :)
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