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    Dec 9 Observer article: Morrissey as the Doctor?

    Now here's a weird piece of an article,,,2221306,00.html that compares pop music to various Doctors.
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    The Pre-dawn Raid at Palladium

    October 11th, Morrissey, saving his people. Audio (15/22)> Jack The Ripper Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before Sister, I'm A Poet Tomorrow The Boy With The Thorn In...
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    What Else - Morrissey at Palladium Audio from the 12th: (track numbers as on the setlist) Tomorrow Disappointed Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself National Front Disco I Like You Jack The Ripper...
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    Morrissey Palladium Interview

    Here. From Associated Press (AP). Wow. You can down it too. Hope those pipes get fixed soon. Everything's gonna be fine.
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    San Francisco 7 Audio> Girlfriend in a coma I'm throwing my arms around Paris Irish blood English heart Sister I'm a poet Stop me if you think you've heard this one before Stretch out and wait That's how people grow up Videos kindly provided by Diablovista at...
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    Your Arsenal LP

    Your Arsenal LP original, in good condition, is 25£ too much?
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    Wolf Trap

    says "Note: Tonight's performance will take place as scheduled." (sorry if repeated)
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    Moz Letterman (good q., glitch at one point) With intro (from screen, ok video q., good sound)
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    Hollywood Bowl reviews

    Morrissey at his most content - not bad, but the earpiece? Morrissey wins over LA crowd with career-spanning hits (NME)
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    REQ: Bristol Dec 18 1992

    Well, what about this one?
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    REQ: Chester Dec 11 1997

    Anybody has this one?
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    Smiths on BBC 6 Music today

    The legacy of The Smiths discussed in Music Week today, Sun, 13-14 UK time on BBC 6 Music. Listen/re-listen here. P. McCartney headlining though. Ubdate for re-listeners> Smiths stuff from 45th min, this and that, finally Hand in Glove from Apollo '86 cut short.
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    Accattone you'll be...

    New video: You Have Killed Me (Accattone) And it's lame. Don't bother, would ya?
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    Salt Lake review

    Somewhat uninspired review from Salt Lake Tribune here.
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    Queen is dead at Paramount

    The Queen is Dead 05 06 07> video Crazy... Check out the backdrop as well.
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    1997 USA video

    What exists from 1997 USA tour in video? Sorry if it was brought up before, could not find...
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