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  1. vampares

    First time ever hearing morrissey saying f***

    Re: First time ever hearing morrissey saying 'f***' get it pop it lock it drop it shoot him while he's on the can
  2. vampares

    Australia, I Love You!

    Im starting to cry.
  3. vampares

    NME calls Morrissey "...a petulant little child..."

    "petulant" I had to look it up. I would have chosen "sickly". Like he is a sick little sexually inappropriate juvenile. I fail. The use of "little child" just smacks of a pedophiles google query. Does Morrissey touch Mexican children on stage? I see Mr. Morrissey has a monkey on his...
  4. vampares

    Morrissey collapsed on stage - Swindon

    Re: OMG!! Morrissey collapsed on stage - Swindon Get well soon!
  5. vampares

    Morrissey Direct

    I'm sure that it will be. Morrissey has continually improved in both style and substance. It will be nothing short of spectacular.
  6. vampares

    Morrissey Direct

    Between New York and Philadelphia lies Allentown. Blame Billy Joel for it's demise or it's rejuvination, it's not Art Deco though. I can't find one with a big fob on it but this one is a foot long and weighs a pound. It is victorian. w/ wolfsnarl
  7. vampares

    youtube is fun

  8. vampares

    you know?

    Yes, exactly sort of, you know. See I don't know what the f*** you're talking about here. The "sun in britain" caught my attention anyways and was enough to make me go back up the thread (you spelling made me that much more keen on my own w/ similar effect, only this time the other way...
  9. vampares

    youtube is fun
  10. vampares

    Meat is Murder?

    Meat is Murder Perhaps you have heard of "found Art"?
  11. vampares

    It Out

    I'm going to make this so dry for you. Is Morrissey gay?
  12. vampares

    The Meaning of "That's How People Grow Up"

    I was focusing on the nonviolent aspects of the lyrics but I can see where you're coming from. Of course it did. :rolleyes: But Morrissey specifitically states he praying for love that never comes. Fatalism is a mind f***. I sense some resentment for the invertebrate kingdom...
  13. vampares

    The Meaning of "That's How People Grow Up"

    It's like this. They label junk food "diet" but they put the fat in it anyways. This is to teach you to live is a world of disbelief and suspicion. Once you're good and plump then it is time for the "work".
  14. vampares

    What's Hit you Today!!!

    I was smack'd in the face my a music described as "aggressive homo". :confused:
  15. vampares

    The Meaning of "That's How People Grow Up"

    Morrissey is a disaffected smoker. :mad:
  16. vampares

    Who has met morrissey?

    Wow. Morrissey gets so much affection from the people he meets. I have not met Morrissey yet. I wonder what her face looks like. edit: oh wait that's morrisseychic. I still can't get a clear shot from the other photo. Nevermind. I swear I thought it was Lance Armstrong at first...
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