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    So, Julia's the number one Moz fan worldwide but is anyone else close?

    So, Julia clearly has an obvious claim to being the world's biggest Morrissey fan. Let's look at the key facts: i) She goes to EVERY Morrissey show worldwide. ii) She gets mentioned frequently by Morrissey himself at concerts and has even been immortalised on WPTMIM (intro before No One...
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    Would anyone else be deeply depressed to hear Morrissey on the Russell Brand show?

    *sigh* I would be. And its on TTY so probably it will happen. I think Russell Brand must be such a horrible person. Maybe he's not in reality but his media persona really repulses me. I don't want a slanging match at all so if you love that guy, please don't respond. But if you're a big Moz...
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    Smiths on Newsnight now (briefly)!

    Brief snippet of Death Of A Disco Dancer at the start of this piece on a new mosque in London! Cool, very inspired choice for this subject matter. :cool:
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    There's a huge Morrissey poster outside my work!

    Advertising TYWTML. What a pleasant surprise! And I can see it out the window, too.
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