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    will NYC happen?

    no travel to and from europe after this friday. is morrissey in the US right now? im hoping he cancels, the people i was supposed to go with are bailing due to the virus. seems like between now and the 20th, the city might ban large gatherings, but who knows. ive got 3 tickets i dont want to...
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    nyc gigs, corona virus fear?

    i was thrilled to get 3 tickets for the hammerstein gig, and then it dawned on me, do i really want to be in that space with this corona virus going around ? trains, penn station, standing crowd. i think im going , but the other 2 tickets are for me daughter and her boyfriend. i dont fear...
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    Has Morrissey really changed?

    In the 1980's, Morrissey was all about being anti Tory, anti thatcher. it seemed to me he viewed them as a threat to the common people that are the real fabric of Britian, the people who do the working, and dying, for the UK. it looks to me now he is again standing up for those same people, who...
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    smiths record release/moz gig posters value?

    ive got 3 smiths record release posters, and a gig poster from oye esteban tour in modena italy. the record posters are 11 X 22, the gig poster 28 X 40. you can view them here: did the best to take pics...
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    looking for NYC crash space

    i posted about job grief, and having tickets for the mon and sat shows. i was thinking, i could do it if i had a place to crash after the shows. i'm a 48yr old male, i work at penn station for the railroad. if anyone can help, let me know. willing to buy food, dinner, what ever. thanks
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    NYC tickets- buy, sell or swap?????

    i have 2 tickets for the monday show( 1st mezzanine) and 2 floor tickets for sat show. my work got switched and i'm looking to swap tickets. i can do tuesday and wed nite. if you have those nites for sale, maybe i'll buy them and sell mine. if you want mine to buy, let me know. if you want to...
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    3 tickets for MSG, one single, one pair

    i have a single ticket, sec 47, row E. also, a pair: sec 106 row C i bought the single as an emergency ticket, and then came up with the pair after trying ticketmaster a milion more times. now i cant go . hopefully, i'll make baltimore .
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    one baltimore ticket needed

    looking for one baltimore ticket, please. contact [email protected] thanks
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