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    TTY: New Morrissey T-shirt

    I think it's a pretty cool shirt. I'd buy it. It has a spike lee kind of vibe to it. I don't think he made that shirt to be a racist. The shirt is paying tribute to Baldwin for his struggle of being black and gay. To say he's a racist is just ridiculous.
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    Morrissey shirt in "How to Be Depressed: A Guide" -

    I can think of 20 other bands that are more depressive than Morrissey... Why always pick on Morrissey? Anyways, you can't always tell depression by the clothes people are wearing.
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    TTY: THERE IS A LIGHT THAT NOW GOES OUT - final six rescheduled US dates cancelled

    So sad to read about the cancellations.. And so sorry to hear about poor management dealings on the tour.. It's unfair. I'm sorry for everyone who didn't get to see him. hope everything will be resolved. I'm certain This will not be the end. I stand with Morrissey and the band. Best wishes to...
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    Craig Gill - Inspiral Carpets / Manchester Music Tours RIP

    I've always wanted to go on the smiths music tour. ...My deepest sympathies to his family & friends. ~R i p.
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    "One Of Ours" Jennifer who met Morrissey backstage on Friday has passed away

    Happy she got her wish to meet him! Rest in peace, love & light. :rose:
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    Santa Barbara, CA - Santa Barbara Bowl (Nov. 5, 2016) post-show

    :grimacing:Holy holy!! Martin of Depeche Mode!!! That's Rad.
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    Morrissey arrives in Singapore - photos

    :hearteyes: Peace and Rock n'roll!
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    Morrissey in Tel Aviv photo posted on Sam Esty Rayner Photography / Facebook

    :heartssuit::heartssuit::heartssuit::heartssuit::heartssuit::heartssuit::heartssuit: :heartssuit: :heartssuit: So handsome! Keep up the good fight Morrissey.. We love you!
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    TTY: Morrissey Shows Confirmed (US, Asia, Australia, Sep. - Nov. 2016)

    Oh, joy!!! :fireworks::fsparkler::rainbow:
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    Morrissey turns 57 - May 22, 2016

    Happy Birthday! Cheers Morrissey, thank you for all your songs.. that helped-saved our lives. Thank you for being you. Love you!! Have a great day.
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    Jack Lowden pictured as Morrissey

    This guy is so plain looking. I don't see any resemblance.
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    Morrissey at LAX leaving Los Angeles (picture and video)

    O nice to see him :love::love: happy travels, sir! Please announce another tour.
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    Quito - Teatro Nacional (Nov. 7, 2015) post-show

    How awesome good for you! :thumb:
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