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    Lancashire and Treat Me Like a Human Being Lyrics request

    Speaking of lyrics, what does he say in Lancashire after "a head on her shoulders"? I can't make it out. Here are my (probably error-ridden) lyric transcriptions: Safe, warm Lancashire home How could I leave you, I don't know Cold hard girl Veneer is all that she was A head on her shoulders...
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    Morrissey to play the V-Festival

    Well, he was... in 2006, anyway. Outdated link? :D Here is 2011's lineup. No Morrissey in sight!
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    morrissey frink thread!

    I know I never post here, but, just for fun (and because I'm a perfectionist) I dug a little and found the unstretched/unwarped/fullsize (or at least biggest uploaded size) versions of those two pictures. So you can look at those instead. Better? :v I was just thinking about this on...
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    Morrissey on Mars

    Apparently this photoshop is pretty popular. :P At least as far as "Mars Hoax" news stories are concerned. I think it's hilarious. Wonder who started it? (using THIS picture, not the hoax itself.) It's been floating around hoax stories since at least 2005 apparently!
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    Barbarism ad libs

    Easy, it was the first performance of the song, December 19, 1983. One of my favorite live versions!
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    'The Smiths' '83/'84 'logo' typeface request

    Re: 'The Smiths' '83/'84 'logo' typeface request. I would say the typeface is Optima Bold, almost for sure. (Or, at least, a lookalike of that anyway!) Seems to be one of those pay faces, though, so unless you're willing to dump $30 for your logo in high-res... But I'm trying to see if there're...
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    I don't think Kill Uncle is THAT bad

    Re: I don't think Kill Uncle is THAT bad. Kill Uncle thread! I've gotta post! LOVE this album. I usually skip over Asian Rut or The Harsh Truth of the Camera Eye when I'm just playing music randomly, but they have their place on the album and I enjoy listening to them every once in a while...
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    Req: mp3 of the 1991 live dallas gig

    Re: is there anywhere i can find an mp3 of the 1991 live dallas gig This site has tons of recordings of concerts, including the one you seem to be looking for right here :)
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    morrissey frink thread!

    One of these, perhaps?
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    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 250: HONEY, YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME

    LOVE at first listen with this song, it never fails to cheer me up and became an immediate favorite. I couldn't say a thing about musical quality or whatever because I don't really KNOW, but just because of the effect it has on me, well, automatic 10!
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    Smiths Lyrics Quiz

    That one's my fault entirely. :P My high score is 154 so far, or something like that, but then I took it five hundred times. Good waste of time. :P Gave up on the Morrissey lyrics quiz with 35/40 and 7:29 left. Ugh, I gotta brush up. I missed THREE Viva Hate Songs (one of which I was absolutely...
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    Smiths Lyrics Quiz

    I didn't print screen mine. I finished with 9:18 left though, I think? Something like that. It was a while ago, I was gonna post but forgot. I'd have done better, too, but the titles! I was typoing all over the place. I'll try again... The Morrissey lyrics quiz is kind of broken, no lyrics are...
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    The information is available in his official store :)
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    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 245: ONE DAY GOODBYE WILL BE FAREWELL

    The only people posting are the low-raters? I'm in shock! Where are my fellow niners? Yup, I really like this song! Especially the ending. It's pretty good. Wow, that was a thoroughly thought-out analysis. Typical!
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    morrissey frink thread!

    And as much as I adore cat-Morrissey, I think what you're all seeing at 1:05 is a shining example of a low-quality video! Kitty? (O-oh my, my first post in this thread. I prefer to just lurk on THIS one, though. :lbf: Mostly because I've got nothing to contribute! I can only watch...
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    Revelation tracks discussion

    I LOVE them both, absolutely. All the excitement I had for the past few days, and I wasn't disappointed at all! Yay! Of course I'll have to listen to them both more times before I decide my final opinions on them. Having a version of Born To Hang where the music isn't all drowned out makes me...
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    How many of you are vegetarians?

    I could do it easily - the only meat I eat REGULARLY is cheap stuff that comes frozen in boxes and takes three minutes to cook. The only time I ever get any other kind are holidays -- the only time somebody actually cooks a real meal for me -- or on the VERY rare occasion that I go out to eat...
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    New merch

    Hate to be a pain, but has anybody got pics of the new merchandise~? I'm loving the scarf, but I've got to see more!
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    10 Questions

    Well all right then! 1. In Which City Were You Born? Pittsburgh, PA. Gotta love it! ♥ 2. Morrissey or The Smiths? Morrissey! I'd say. Probably. Possibly. 3. Your Last Dinner Would Be...? Peanut butter sandwich. It's a classic! 4. Best Childhood Memory (Ages 0-16) Being able to...
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